Women in the Infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Rogue_Entity, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Hey,

    Could anyone give me a reference as to where I could find the terms listed as to why women are not allowed to serve in the infantry or armoured corps please?

  2. Why do you ask?
  3. What do you mean? Are you looking for chapter and verse on why they can't?

    Some foreign armed forces allow women to serve in combat roles, and there have been plenty of studies on the subject, with some rather mixed but generally predictable findings.
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    I'll give you a reference. Lighthouse @ GR 23456987, mag bearing 0070' 1500m - this shall be known as axis.

    Also, as my OC says, "If you don't have a dinky then you shouldn't be doing f*cking mans work split!" The man has a point.
  5. I am doing a report/brief/debate on the subject. Out of interest do you know which nations do allow women in a 'front' line role?
  6. Denmark for a start, but look here for more:

  7. A dinky? How old is your OC, 9?
  9. Is there are particular part of the British Forces that gives reasons why an infantry or armoured corps is not available to women?

    How this is exempt from equal opportunities etc?

    Thanks for those links they are really useful
  11. I hate this topic.
    To be honest rogue there is nothing you have been given here that could not be found with a search engine.
    What or who is your report for?
    Equal opportunities? Pah
    I cant pull a sicky and get away with it by saying Ive got wimmins problems.
    Some jobs should be left to blokes, some should be left to wimmin.
    Sexist? Maybe
    A good point? I think so
  12. From a Commanders Point of view.

    The last thing I need is a couple sh@gging when they should be sleeeping, Stagging on, carrying out any tasks I've set.

    You don't want a senior being more interested in getting his end away than doing his duties.

    Women bring their own problems. From spi1tting blood out their bits and having t1ts, to becoming emotional once a month and needing to p1ss sitting down.

    The standards would have to be dropped eventually. ALthough alot of girls can make the grade physically alot can't but would want to be in the Inf anyway.

    Blokes are generally over protective of women in the same way we are now of boy soldiers. I'd be peshed off if I kept pulling a top cover shift because the Boss felt iffy about putting a chick up there.

    The government don't have the stomach for it yet. The very idea of a woman fixing Bayonets and getting stuck in turns their stomach as it does mine. I would say they are more likely to be easily intimidated on the battlefield or even a Public order type scenario and it is all together a bad idea.

    There are Plenty of roles women are suitable for in the army. Closing width and putting the fear of allah into the enemy isn't one of them!