Women in the Gurkhas?

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by bigjarofwasps, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. I see on the news that they are to allow women to serve in the Gurkhas.

    I thought the Gurkhas was an infantry regiment, thus how can women serve in it?

    Will they be nepellese women or females in general?
  2. Gurkha Engineers, Gurkha Loggies, Gurkha Signals?
  3. Dream on daft twat, Ghurkas come from Nepal to support their families .
    A proud nationality who would never let thier wifes fight (unlike us)
    PS: we have Ghurkas in SAS, Para, RE and Sigs Sqns(sorry if i missed anyone)

  4. I was under the impression that these units didn`t exist any more?
  5. European women have served attached to the Gurkha Signals before, so no problem there.

    But do we force Nepalese women to join the Gurkhas just to maintain some artificially set target? Has anyone actually asked the Gurkhas?

    Women in the Nepalese culture have a different place in society than we are used to, so are we sure that little Johnny Gurkha is happy to accept women Gurkhas? If they don't, do we start prosecuting them for discrimination?

    I have lots of questions..... but no answers.

  6. I`m only saying whats on the news. That women will be able to serve in the Gurkhas?

    I assume that the press are talking sh@t again, and they in fact mean that women from Nepal can now jopin the army, like women from the Commnwealth & the UK do, as clerks, gunners, engineers, medics, etc,etc.

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  7. Good points, well made.

    But Fijian women serve in the British army, and seem to get on okey?
  8. True. But Fijian, Jamaican, S. African etc women are F&C and as such join the British Army, just as any Commonwealth soldier does.

    A Nepalese woman on the other hand cannot join the British Army as anything other than a Gurkha as they are not from a country that is part of the British Commonwealth. There lies the problem. They would have to be employed on a Gurkha contract and serve as Gurkhas and be accepted by the Gurkahs.

    Or have I got it wrong?
  9. There is at least one Nepalese girl in the Royal Signals and numourous Nepalese lads, all of Gurkha descent, born in HK, etc and thus have British Passports and what not taht allow them to join the British Army.

    As for Gurkha Women joining the Brigade. Can't see it somehow.

    Gurkhas see their women differently than we do, even at school Nepalese women generally do womany things (even in sports). They are unlikely to see their women join the British Army, Indian Army or the Singorpore Police - where they occupy a sort of para-military role.

    ALL Gurkhas pass through CIC Catterick and are fully trained Infantrymen, regardless of capbadge. Whilst their British counterparts, RSignals, RE, RLC and the AGC allow girls in their ranks, how would the female Gurkhas be trained? They would have to go through CIC on the adapted Gurkha course (which includes education/english and some other lesson peculiar to the Gurkhas). The QGS, QGE and QOGLR allow women to serve with them but they are attached from their British capbadge counterparts. The QOGLR ahve had a female Troop OC.

    Finally... why would they allow Girls to join?

    There are many, many recruits from Nepal all fighting for a spot. Throw girls in to the competition also, and it get's worse. Could the Nepalese women compete with their men? Would their fathers and families allow them to go? After all, the women look after the families, and of course their husbands parents in their old age.

    Somehow can't see it, it is just some PC rubbish.

  10. PC rubbish, I concur hammer nail on head springs to mind!!!
  11. Unkind people would opin that there are already women in the Ghurkas. Personally I would question whether the pool of talent for Ghurka officers is sufficiently deep. Private schools in the UK seem to have moved away from the military. There is no such thing as bad men etc...
  12. Perhaps transexuals could be used, thus satisfying all camps.

    Mmmmmmmm, he shes........ :blowkiss:
  13. Doubt the wisdom of this. In many cases involving trouble between Gurkhas, the wives in quarters were found to have been the ones at the root of the problem. Very wily and devious. To bring these attitudes into the ranks would, in my view, be both difficult and unwise.
  14. Note on the nepalese serving under British rather than Gurkha capbadges, they are not Gurkhas as they have not carried out Gurkha selection.