Women In The Army?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Snail, Mar 10, 2013.

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  1. Can someone debate this with me?

    I mean, I know they let them have the vote and stuff, the rights to go Uni, etc. etc. but should we, as young men, allow them into the Army?
  2. Too right, we need someone to do the cleaning and make the brews.
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  3. Their little unmuscled fingers are excellent for typing and other feminine duties.

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  4. There are no women, "Wimmin" on the other hand we have by the gay-pride march full.

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  5. The filthy menstrual bitches are a distraction on the battlefield.
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  6. thankfully you can often hide a challenger behind one of them.
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  7. Yes. Because they make the place look nice....this a post OP post is it? =)
  8. Waste is not allowed in this day and age so if women were to be denied Army service a proportion of male soldiers would have to wear the uniforms which have been procured for the femail soldiers. Can you imagine the uproar when our soldiers are spotted wearing trousers where the arse is so big that is looks like he's lost about fifteen stone overnight?
  9. simple, issue the fat arrse uniform to men who need it. you know, the RLC.
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  10. If some of the WRACs I saw in Aldershot in '83' were anything to go by, they should never have permitted it. They made the paras look as threatening as John Inman.
  11. Also a good a good career path for denizons of the fabled Isle of Lesbos.
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  12. I'm way too old to fit into this category, but as toppers suggested, you could probably hide quite a bit of hardware behind me. Where can I join?
  13. Women in the Army? Aren't they better known as 'comfort' ladies?

  14. those that were not lezzers have been known to have the odd piece of hardware inserted from behind them too.
  15. You've obviously never met a British Army WRAC L/Cpl Scammel driver. Coz if you had of, you would remember it because of the near fatal injuries you would have received.
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