Women in the AAC

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Bluebottle, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. Hello there :)
    I am a 24 year old female looking for general information on the Army Air Corps. I was wondering if there are many women in the Corps and if certain trades are not available to them? Any other info would be welcomed regarding training and what life is like in the AAC. Cheers!
  2. join the RAF instead :)
  3. Thanks, i just love a straight answer
  4. If you want to play with helicopters why not do it in a nice cosy environment?

    from my very humble footslogger opinion
  5. O.K, just because i am a women don't think you speak to me like i am wrapped in cotton wool. I don't want to be in a cosy place but thanks, i didn't know you cared. I just want some information, that is all, it's not too much to ask is it?
  6. bloody hell, are you airbornesister in a new guise?

    I like the way you assume I suggest a cosy place because you are a woman.

    that time off the month is it love?

    maybe you should look in to joining the AGC instead pet? plenty of brew making experience to be had there. leave the AAC to the boys and stick to what you know eh?

    there we go, all better now
  7. Good question for 0142 on a sat night/sun morning. Come back during the week. If you are still around - why you asking now? Come and discuss in chat.
  8. I am an AAC genius as at least 6 per regt are!!!! :lol:

    If you are good looking and fancy a fcuk then yes join the corps!!

    And most girlies are excepted as long as you play the game, army wise, no skiving off sick cause i'm a girl!!

    Only joking there are quite a few womwn in the AAC, and no jobs are restricted, as there are only groundcrew or if you are wanting officer stuff aircrew.

    Either way don't bring attitude as certain officer types do!! Capt pink panther niglet no medals nob, who tried to tell me how to do my job in kenya last year, same as a colour................ twat!
  9. Quite a few women ?? Nearly 100% in my experience. Very few split arrses though.
  10. What an amazing wit you are, Zulus! I think i'll go to the zoo tommorrow and find a chimp, i think he will be able to answer my questions assuming he's not sarcastic soldier, of course. Bye for now and hope to have the pleasure of your company again. :D

    It is my time of the month. At least you got something right, eh? Well done, mate!!!
  11. ahhh glad to be of service my love

    however, a bit of serious advice. if you do not like getting ripped on it's probaly best to stay clear of all three services, because taking the pish occupies a large proportion of your time
  12. Strange thread, perhaps I have missed the point. A genuine question is asked and is presided by torrents of sexist abuse, amazing for those of you who posted in this forum and are still serving; I hope it’s not in a REGT near me. EO officer probably!

    Any way if you are indeed all women and intend to join the AAC then I would whole heartedly encourage it. You will of course be treated most fairly and pushed into a chosen stream if you should opt for a job on the ground. If you should choose to fly and be found suitable then you may find a long lasting career as Lynx eye candy! Or perhaps you would be amongst the first female to fly AH. Although bare in mind you should be capable of carrying out several tasks at the same time with 1 eye looking at a mini TV and the other rolling around in your head trying to decide what to focus on first.

    All that aside you should give it a go, the gene pool in the AAC is getting significantly depleted and any fresh DNA is welcome.

    PS. More than happy to provide any advice on request……..
  13. A genuine question, yes. With a genuine response by come_to_arrest_the_zulus. It was bluebottle who chucked her tampon out the pram with her response. I follow up the remark by ctatz that if she gets upset by a bit of banter then she should think of becoming a social worker instead.

    Blue, what is it you want out of military service? Lets start there shall we.
  14. GunnersQuadrant

    GunnersQuadrant LE Moderator

  15. Just a thought...... :
    If this youngwoman had appeared on this board as a young black or Asian man and a genuine request for information had been met with a barrage of racial abuse, would this be acceptable? One for the moderator I should have thought.
    Zulu, get your head out of your arse and stop pretending that any woman who responds unfavourably to your sexist sh*t shouldn't be in the forces. You,you backward moron, should not. Especially not someone like you who so obviously feels so threatened by women in the work place that you need to mask this whith what you call humour.