Women in Green?

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by bjsr2, Sep 18, 2004.

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  1. Why dose it say "Want to meet a man in green... try here", what if a bloke wanted to meet a "Women in green", bit ******* sexest anit it?
  2. To answer your question:

    1. The male Army users of this site are the finest collection of rugged fighting machines the world has ever borne witness to.

    2. The female Army users of this site look like the aftermath of a fire in the NAAFI plastic bag factory.

    Thanks for coming.

    PS Sorry Dale xxxxx :D
  3. You are forgiven.

    Welcome back Slopes.
  4. Sloppy!

    Am deeply hurt!

    But having said that I might just forgive ya - as a welcome back gesture. Good to see ya again - even if ya don't like my type! :wink:
  5. :( Slopes we aint that bad
  6. Eff it.

    You are not forgiven
  7. I like any type :wink:

    Even old and crinklies 8O
  8. So where does that leave female non-army users then?
  9. See quote para 2), should read," The female army and non-army users"

  10. Fair enough. Just so I know where I stand. :lol:
  11. :wink:
  12. Actually dui-lai would probably want you to lie down...... or kneel...... or be on all fours......... 8O
  13. and wear heels 8O
  14. and wear a gimp mask......

    No thats just my fantasy life 8O
  15. Oh, a gimp mask..........................now we are talking!

    Can I wear my leather, arrseless chaps please :wink: