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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by orificecadet, Sep 24, 2005.

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  1. Over the past few months I've noticed a marked increase in the number of female participants in the Forum
    Much as I'm all in favour of women's rights, equality and intergration are they capable of front line posting in ARRSE?
    They provide intelligent witty and stimulating posts and ar invaluble in their roles.
    Do they however have the stamina strength and speed to keep up with the male members of the boards? I'm all in favour of 2nd, 3rd and 4th line support. Women have proved themselves in the Artillery and Engineer boards effectively, but take it to the NAAFI bar and I have seen tendancies for overly emotional posts, and special links to be formed between male and female members who have to operate in close proximity in stressful and tense posts where humour could be mistaken for personal attacks.
    This could lead to board break down and posting of a poor quality.


  2. ..............your location says it all really
  3. If you'd have entitled your post 'Good Looking Women'.......Poopy wouldn't have jumped on your case there.
  4. Yes they should :wink:
  5. Front line posting in ARRSE? Do you mean by chance something like "I chucked one up this whore then went out lagged on the OC's missus then got in a fight with a 7' tall glaswegian, ripped his head off sh@t down his neck then skiffed the rest of the pub before I downed another 15 pints and was still ok to deploy next morning"?
  6. We need to be here to sort out your spelling.
  7. tsk tsk you missed one dale
  8. Sorry Popster, I got bored after having a fit over the commas and full stops.
  9. Yeah well, now you've done that, you can go and get the tea on and whilst you're at it........sort that blocked lavvy out.

    Women........know your place!! (Poopy......your's is the front half of the Pantomime Horse. Liz is taking up the rear).
  10. Of course the girls should play a full part in the site, and if the've got the norkage of Anya, and the MILF qualities of babyblue then all the better.

  11. Upset in the NAAFI? I put it down to the RLC failing to supply enough 'Skin, Thick' to the poor lickle newbie females who've never had the <ahem> pleasure of experiencing Army humour prior to stumbling into ARRSE upon the recommendation of a 'friend' who said it would be a laugh... :roll:
  12. Have you put sugar in that tea?
  13. You are sweet enough.

    Have you done the lawn yet?
  14. I'll 'do your lawn' after you trimmed your 'spiders'.
  15. well what are all us ladies doing out the kitchen in the first place!! he he he

    Right, well I am I suppose relatively new, but enjoying excellent (sometimes sick) humour and light entertainment. I also believe that anyone who has been offended will obviously realise its not their "cup of tea" (he he he) and leave. I was wondering what to do on these cold winter nights ahead (it beats being forced out on blind dates etc etc) and so I would like to thank ARRSE for being there!! There are a lot of decent folk on here but also some pervs, but there you go!! I will look forward to reading a post like this again in 3 years!! There is definitely something for everybody.

    Right now I have stepped off my soap box I suppose I best get back to making the beds!! ha ha