Women getting some balls.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nice guy, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Waitress details experience with 'sleazy' Harvey Weinstein | Daily Mail Online

    Just recently it seems to me that we are seeing the vilification of men and it is going undefended, an example of this is this apparent "scandal" involving this guy above, I just don't get this. All these women are over age presumably they are quite able and willing to tell some creep to fvck right off if he gives them unwanted attention, so why is this now popping up, I mean by law if you are over a certain age you are responsible for yourself, it seems they only find safety in numbers and once one "victim" dares stick her head over the parapet they finally get some balls and its open season. So why are people attempting to ruin him and other men like him for what may have happened years ago, when it could if needed have been done a long time ago, of course we know the answer here and its nothing to do with hurt feelings or victimisation..

    The wider point is that men in my opinion are becoming persona no grate and man hating is becoming mildly acceptable. Men who are staying silent are contributing for this or were women once this stupid and meek?. To me women do not want equal treatment they want special treatment and if they don't get it your verging on sexiest. One recent example of this is the so called Sky news ocean rescue in which a bunch of fvcking women sail round Britain on a yacht whilst pontificating on us "landlubbing" men (presumably) about how we are ruining the oceans.
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  2. Go and f*ck yourself.
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  3. You tell him fella
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Your opinion counts for something less than the square root of runny dog shit.
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  6. Roast beef.
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  7. Roast chicken, roast spuds, all the trimmings and a big **** off bit of Gateau with double cream for afters.
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  8. We don't need no steenking grates amigo.
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  9. Cheers mate
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  10. DaManBugs

    DaManBugs On ROPs Book Reviewer

    "Persona no grate", eh? That sounds really painful.:-D:-D:-D

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  11. Just me and favourite child today as every one else out, so just had pub lunch of steak and chips and doing a hooge cottage pie for later.
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  12. You must be @John G sock, you tedious, drab and utterly pointless cnut you.
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  13. As always, a coherent and inspiring thought out reply from Arrse's own agony aunt.
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  14. Your subscritption to Mysoginists weekly is in the post
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  15. Sausage and mash tonight.