Women feel more pain than men...official.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by samain11, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. Found this in the Daily Hate today, wondering if this explains the fact that the medicine cabinet contains my statins, and her echinacea, evening primrose, 3 different sorts of painkillers, and all sorts of other expired shit that I am not sure about.
    Her and her mates seem able to talk for hours about how they slept last night, bloating, flushing, leaking, creaking, and yeasting, whilst we other half's tend to not dwell on such boring bollocks and are much more concerned about the price of Beer, diesel and whether there are any 10lb Bass left in the river.....please discuss.
  2. They don't feel more pain, they just whine about it more, usually at the same time as cracking jokes about 'man-flu'.
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  3. Fucking man flu....never had it, I did have an evil dose of siberian death flu once damn near killed me, would have wiped out an entire village of women.

    They don't understand man flu as they can't catch it they can only catch girl flu, which is girlie and therefore not fucking nails.

    In the wifes defence though she did once crack through a 47 hour labour where as I would have binned it at about the 2 hour mark had a bit of a wiggle about with a wire coat hangar and sorted the fucking thing out right there and then.
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  4. Why you lot live with a woman I'll never know.
  5. Women can get man flu, they just call it death.
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  6. Because no matter how hard we try, we can't suck ourselves off.
  7. And you can get a woman to do it? You aren't married are you?
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  8. Tits and clunge.
  9. And believe me,I've tried.
  10. And shopping, more shopping and a divorce.
  11. I'm married and have three of the fuckers taking turns. One of them's even my wife.
  12. Thats a myth married men do get blowjobs, just not for free I know when I'm laying there enjoying the quite considerable oral skills of Mrs thecat, there is a quite considerable expense in my very near future but fuck it it saves having to rape her sister.
  13. If they talked less they would feel less pain.
  14. And if they learnt to do things right the first time, we wouldn't have to hit them so often.
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  15. So your whole family joins in do they??? :wink: