Women capbadge infantry

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_creature, Apr 4, 2010.

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  1. What's up with it. I saw a female capbadged or traded as an infanteer, and it confused the fcuk out of me. I try not to be sexist but I thought women can't join as infanteers, It got me thinking. I'm sure it's a rarity and to be honest I hope very very rare (sorry I no it's not the naffi). How did they manage to even join to be an infanteer. Do they do the same training as males 6-8 miles cft weight 25 kg, do they go to catterick and finally do they deploy as an infantry soldier front line work. I'm quite embarressed by the whole thing if that's the case of deployment.
    it can't be popular on tour with regulars.
  2. Just logged on and this is the first post I see. Why?
  3. . Why?. What do you mean why, I want to no about it because my confusion has me interested. Why are you daft. If anyone has seen or had experience with female infanteers care to explain because I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering.
  4. Dude, Google it, come back later, or pish off.
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  6. Yeah. Seriously though, google it.
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  8. Maybe she was a cabbage mechanic.
  9. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Women were allowed to join as Infantrymen in the TA due to a loophole in the TA Regulations and a number of women were badged as Infantry through the 1990's. Following the Strategic Defence Review, that policy was reversed in 1999 along with a re-organisation of the TA Infantry. Most females who were badged as Infantry were either re-roled as attached support arms or transferred to other units.

    As for their quality, whilst the TA Infantry didn't seek to meet regular standards back then as it does now, and the standards of TA Infantrymen were more varied, some of the women did by all accounts make pretty good squads. Personally knew a Signals Sgt who in her previous role had been a top rated Mortar person!

    At a guess, I would say that the females you saw are either a) anomalies left over from that era, b) cadets or c) bandsmen. Happy Easter.
  10. Thank you very much RP578. It's all starting to make sense. However if the women I saw was re-roled, why was she still wearing the capbage of an infantry regiment. Normally a soldier attached to an infantry regiment in the corps wears the infantry beret with the corps capadge. I think she is an old and bold member of the TA and Has a lot of credible experience mind you.
  11. We have two women infanteers at the RTC one works in the HQ and is a WOII the other is an instructor with the ITW and is a Sgt, so while it is unusual it does happen.
  12. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I guess some 'slipped through the net' and managed to stay on without rebadging. I've seen one or two female SNCOs wearing a Rifles badge, think they might have been 6th Battalion, so the stay-overs from that period are definitely still out there.

    Yes attached arms do wear their own badge. The exception being Bandsman; as in members of the Corps of Army Music as opposed to your own battalion's Buglers/Drummers/Pipers who are trained Infantrymen and usually have a Machine Gun platoon role when they're not Bugling/Drumming/Piping.
  13. I deffo remember a few women cutting around 2 Wessex wearing the wyvern after the WRAC were chopped, pretty sure they were not employed in any of the rifle platoons, a couple were in HQ company as scalies and another was a RP. All others were grey mafia/green slime types.
  14. We had three left over from SDR and continued to be badged infantry, they managed to stay on for a couple of years in the MG platoon and were jolly good too. carried the kit and one was without doubt the best gunner we had. Sadly they were made to re badge, one I know is still badged infantry and is now SNCO in a different regiment.
  15. If she was 6 Rifles and a SNCO, then she was in the band. We have a few Females knocking about Bn (not including the band), some 'old and bold' (although they won't thank me for saying it!), some 'new' and all but one are badged to various corps'.