Women - Cant live with them, cant shoot them

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by skintboymike, Nov 14, 2005.

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  1. We've had a few threads in the past about women in the army, the old "combat effectiveness reduction" argument and whatnot, and I've got to admit I've always had a good chuckle when I've read them. This week one of our REME attached lads had to go to a garage miles away from the exercise area and pick up a packet of jam cigars for two girlies who were on rag week. They couldn't go themselves for some reason (Probably because there's always some nice man to do the running for them). He was on the mobile in the garage asking her what "blob strength" she wanted. I don't normally like to pass judgement on such a sensitive subject, but jesus, what a pair of dopey ******* bints. If you're a bird going on a two month exercise, at least take enough claret sponges to see you through. Fair do's though, Tiffy could have just chucked her some Spillsorb and some white rags. Feel free to follow this up with more ketchup-related yarns....
  2. ewww


    imagine the extra kit they'll have to hump around with them on exercise!!! i wonder if the largest bergen size is enough for their mini-wardrobe.
  3. That's nothing. It's when you're on a 2 week exercise and they need them that eyebrows are raised.
  4. Why can't you shoot them?

    Has the law been changed recently?
  5. Yeah but on a two week exercise they're not guaranteed to need them are they? they might "come on a bit late". A bit like Russian Roulette, only with more blood. Two months? TWO ******* MONTHS? I'd have let them bleed, and then laugh at them on wash day, he he. You can guarantee they'd managed to get to the garage themselves then!
  6. More fool the mug that went for them.
  7. Well it's simple really, they should take some form of the pill, preferably the injection that will stop their periods (but then again in some women it can lead them to have irrregular periods)

    I have however been witness (after hearing a terryfying shriek from friend and then a 'What the feck is this?') to seeing a HUGE liver like blood clot *double gag* It was like a golfball
  8. Wouldn't they just give away their position, on whatever exercise they were on, with the smell?

    They should have taken the pill and not had 'monthly' till after the exercise.
  9. Probably the army should come up with some official procedure for dealing with it, like when exercise is at the planning phase the girls could submit a leave pass, or a temporary insanity forewarning card, to coincide with Man Utd home games. The blokes won't suffer the Jekyll and Hyde treatment then either (Apart from the usual Before, After and Expecting phases).
  10. Oh FFS how utterly ridiculous! If this is for real, those females are an utter embarrassment!! If they've not learned to expect the unexpected & pack 'just in case' then they sound slow-witted enough to be dangerous stacking shelves in Tesco. As for the 'smell' issue, wet wipes and zip-lock bags are the answer.
  11. Seems a bit harsh putting the girls in zip-lock bags!
  12. Awesome, it's not just me then.....By the way Dozy, it is real, and it doesn't end there. Our CQMS flaps round her like a butler expecting the sack when things aren't going right for her, proper bunny boiling freak
  13. For those two, harsh but fair! :D
  14. More fool him and anyone else who does. It's simple personal admin and anyone can be surprised, but it's never going to be entirely unexpected.
  15. Is he doing her?