Women banned from wearing the burka in France

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chucklingchimp, Sep 15, 2010.

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  1. France was today poised to vote into law a ban on the wearing of burkas in public.The ban would affect only a tiny minority of Muslim women,estimated at less than 2,000 but Muslims believe it is another blow to their religion and risks increasing religious hatred.

    The proposed law was passed by the lower house of parliment,the National Assembly,two months ago.The expected approval from the Senate today would make it legal as soon as President Nicolas Sarkozy signs it off.The law,which would apply to tourists,is aimed at getting Muslims to integrate fully into French society.Mr Sarkozy said last year that full veils are ``not welcome``in France.Women defying the new law would be fined 125ukp or ordered to attend citizenship classes,or both.

    Anyone such as a husband or a brother,who is convicted of forcing a women to wear a veil will be fined 24,000ukp or jailed for a year,sentences would be doubled if the ``victim`` is a minor.Critics of the law claim that it violates Frances liberties.The Counseil d`Etat,France`s highest administrative body,advised in May against legislation because there is ``no incontestable legal basis`` for a general ban on veils.The bill is worded in the hope of avoiding legal minefields.It is titled ``Forbidding the Dissimulation of the Face in a public Space`` making no mention of ``woman`` or ``veil``
  2. Got to hand it to the French...it will be interesting to see the reaction from the Muslim community and other libertarians. A legal challenge is on the cards whether it be through the French system or European Court of Human Rights.
  3. And the French will say Bollox..then the lorry drivers will start the blockades :)
  4. Oh I know they will...this country could start taking notes...whoever said god forbid we should starting acting like the French.
  5. We should have the same rule here in the UK . If the Muslims dont like it simple solution go and live in a Muslim country.
    Sorry forgot they like the benefits and freedoms on the West too much
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Fair play to them. Democracy in action and all that. Covering your face might be considered a 'freedom' and a 'right' by some, but just like walking down the street totally naked with a butt plug in is completely against the societal norm in say, England, so should walking around with a piece of cloth hiding your facial identity.

    We in the West do not as a rule hide our faces with cloth unless there's a pandemic going on, and like it or not, it IS considered to be rude to do so, so why not ban it as being against our customs?
  7. If this does go through it will be interesting to see if there is any type of "action" taken against the French infidel by extreemists, and when/if the violence starts cue furious scoffing of cheese and waving of white flags by simians.
  8. poor people will have to claim asylum here.
  9. Rayc

    Rayc RIP

    In today's environment where terrorists are upto new tricks, one has to be vigilant.

    If one wear a burkha, and Muslims are very chary about women being frisked or touched, a terrorists can escape a security check.

    Therefore, it is but correct to not allow burkhas outside the house.

    One has to not only identify people, even if remotely by CCTV, but also be in a position to be frisked.

    We live in dangerous times!

    In the Lal Masjid (Red Mosque) siege in Pakistan, the mullah who incited his madrassa fanatical students, himself tried to escape in a burqa pretending to be a woman.
  10. I'll never forget at Doha airport a lady in full veil and wearing glasses, passport control looked at her picture and her face and let her through. Could have been anyone under that lot.
  11. I think the UK should adopt the same policy. Get out of the burkhas or get out of the country
  12. Burkhas, schmurkhas!
    It's all about ridding the Paris Opera House of this cheeky chappie once and for all [mwha-ha-ha-ha etc]...


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  13. Then they will be in full retreat and digging out their white flags
  14. Hey, that was my passport.
  15. Hmm. You reckon?