Women at war face sexual violence

Discussion in 'US' started by FNUSNU, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. Quite a disturbing reoprt about the regular violence faced by US females from their own male counterparts. Some of the statistics quoted are very bad, 30% of military women are raped while serving, 71% are sexually assaulted.
    I'm sure some of these figures will include women who have been caught out and then made a claim to save their skin, but that still leaves an lot of women who have genuinely suffered sexual violences at the hands of thier collegues.

  2. So going by this 101% of women are involved in some form of unwanted sexual attention. Not very likely really is it. Is this the second time you have posted this, remember something similar before, but it is not worth looking up.
  3. I read that link earlier this morning and the "30% of military women are raped while serving" quote shows it's a load of bollox.
  4. No. As the two groups are not mutually exclusive, there will be overlap. It's poorly worded, but the 71% probable includes the 30%.
    That said, 30% is so ridiculously high to suggest that it's a wild distortion by a woman with an axe to grind.

    This just re-enforces my belief.
  5. And how do we get these figures:
    = sexual harrassment - check (I just wonder if the 10% who didn't complain about "hearing such bad things" in a warzone were deaf)
    = attempted rape - check (so he also thought they were friends and wanted to touch second base - and stopped? thus only attempted "rape"?)
    = and again... how did he assault her? Put his hand on her shoulder - the DoD guidelines are in fact so strict that it would count.

    Actually, when you write an article/book on the fact that a whopping 30% of female soldiers are raped you would at least bring one testimony confirming that.
    I take rape more serious than the author apparently does.
  6. It also shows that the yanks have far better looking women than our Army!

    Out of all the ladies I've served with I'd only shag around 15% of them. Unless on Op Tour, then the percentage rises with each passing day.
  7. If you read an earlier article you will notice that some of the things are said by other witnesses and even about other wars i.e. first (sic) Gulf War. Hm. If the number is so high (one out of 3 get raped) it must be hard to avoid talking to actual victims of actual rape - but what the author brings is circumstancial (3 f soldiers died of dehydration for fear of going to the toilet alone) and hearsay. I dont get it.
  8. Besides, I think you'll find it's called "surprise sex" nowadays :D
  9. You have to remember to shout surprise before hand though otherwise that excuse doesn't count!
  10. no longer true as the thought police (who generally only have to worry about thought crimes) will be able to check that you thought about shouting 'surprise' and are therefore covered.
  11. Just palying Devil's Advocate. As I said above, a lot of these cases will be women crying rape/ assault because they got caught screwing around whilst on duty/with males in their accomodation/with a married man etc. Then of course there are those who got shedded and decided the morning after they didn't give concent. I believe that the 'drunken concent is no concent' line is bollocks, especially when both paties have been drinking. If a bloke wakes up and decides he wouldn't have if sober, he can't claim he was sexually assaulted by the woman but she can make a claim against him. I'd like to think a case like that would be kick out of a court anyway.
    If anyone has an axe to grind, it is the author. The book seems completely one-sided. There will be many women who are more than happy in the US forces and have never had any problems.
  12. If the statistics are true.....

    I should have met or heard about rapes and assaults on practically a daily basis whilst serving alongside a large number of spams, during Telic.

    I didn't.

    And as a RMA at the time (thus spending lots of time in the med centre as well as my normal job) surely I should have seen some evidence of this?

    I didn't.

    I have a feeling that 95% of these statistics have been made up. Or at best have been calculated from "dubious" information.

    The Yanks take descrimination (of any sort) very seriously, and there are adverts galore all over AFN, etc. about what to do etc.

    Their College Campuses are often made out to be a hotbed of rape and assault too.

    It's a wonder how American girls leave their homes and make their way in the world.
  13. To be perfectly honest you expect a bit of banter, probably to the extent of what these women are calling 'sexual harrassment', going into a male orientated job where men are encouraged to act on their testosterone. IMHO probably 99% of these 'rapes' are just where she changed her mind afterwards or just don't like sex.
  14. I suppose if the figure was 3% there wouldn't really be a book in it would there.

    I feel that we need to have very clear guidelines on what constitutes rape or, indeed, attempted rape. Rape is a violating bullying crime that can cause horrendous psychological damage to a woman. It is only right that a rapist should be caught and punished.

    However if complaints of rape are made to cover up personal embarrassment or regret then the 'victim' is doing a criminal disservice to her fellow females because she is diluting what constitutes rape. Rape has become like bullying in some ways - he made me pick up the litter I had been dropping therefore he is a bully. He asked me for a kiss and went to kiss me I pushed him away and reported him for attempted rape.

    From what I have seen and experienced the US Army is very similar to our own. There are so many rules and guidelines in place that generally the female is in a stronger position than the male. One whiff of complaint from a female soldier against a male can have a seriously deleterious effect on the male soldier's career.

    In essence rape should be very severely punished but equally false cries of rape should be punished even if it does cause outrage amongst the women's groups.

    There should even be a three tier system in place:
    Rape = violent penetration of a known/unknown female where force and surprise or drugs are used.
    Secondary Rape = Penetration continued or instigated after consent is withdrawn or denied where no violence has occurred.
    Statutory Rape = Sex with someone who is unable to give consent ie underage.

    If you commit a crime while under the influence of alcohol the Law doesn't permit that as either excuse or mitigating circumstance and yet with rape we are told that drunken consent is not consent and therefore the male could end up in prison for a long time regardless if he was drunk as well (which is no excuse for him).

    BTW I haven't Bovvied this but I do think it's been done before.
  15. Going by these stats there are a couple of arrse maidens who are in the wrong army!!