Women at Sandhurst... and related issues.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by grazia, May 12, 2008.

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  1. hi,
    new to this but just wondered whether their were any women on here who would be able to the tell me what sandhurst was like from a womens prospective,
    there is a lot of the formal information/accounts of sandhurst life etc from men and not really women
    i am thinking about going to sandhurst after uni but wonder whether i am just a bit too girile for it...i like getting all dressed up and shopping etc!!
    thanks for all ur help!! xx
  2. In the Service you'll need willpower, fitness, a sense of humour and the willingness to bayonet foreigners.

    An Officer will need to be be tougher, fitter and more committed than the ranks, as well as being skilled in the art of communication (oral and written, you know, spelling etc).

    If you have these qualities, you can be checked over at Westbury for the sproutin' seeds of Leadership: can you influence and command others under stressful circumstances?

    Get that far with your self-understanding and Sandbags will be very do-able. I know of at least two VERY "legally blonde" types I was at University with who were totally different with the war-face on, so don't worry about that in the slightest. It means short fingernails and funny bruises, but then that's obvious.

    The real question for you is whether you're cut out for the Army; you need a pretty clear idea before you go for selection.
  3. Thank you very much!
    yeah I know quite a bit about the army, my dad served for 29 years so I grew up with it and have a pretty good idea of what to expect in that sense, but just wanted a women's propective or what is was really like for women in the army and if it was really was as butch as i fear!
  4. Then you're on your way to becoming a fine officer.

    At ease - carry on.
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Meanwhile, back in the real world... this strikes me as a good topic for a sticky thread.
  6. Hi,

    Sandhurst from a girls persepective:

    My best girl friends are all from my Sandhurst Platoon - we're all different capabadges, but keep in touch and look after each other and have done for the past 10yrs or so. You're time at Sandurst will be stressfull, exhausting, hormonal and v good fun, but commissioning and being an officer in command of a Troop etc is the best job ever if your up to it. The Army is great fun, challenging, exciting and has great people - it is the people (soldiers and officers, male and female) that you work with that make the bad times worth it.

    My woman to woman advice to you is: -

    1. Get fit before Sandhurst and stay fit throughout your career - don't become a 'fat ass' in combats which some women do.

    2. Set your personnal standards and maintain your self respect and never ever comprimise either! Those who cross the line of 'Values and Standards' and get caught-out tend to lost their commissions.

    3. Be confident in your own ability and be robust - you don't need to lose your femininity, but don't be a pathetic wall flower that either gets walked over or needs rescuing all the time - you won't get any respect for it.

    4. A well developed sence of humour and patience is a must - you'll be working in a male dominated environment - and you'll definately need it.

    5. Be aware that most men will try it on in some form or other - to test your boundaries - so make sure your boundaries are well defined - and don't be naive or gullible and if you are - hide it.

    6. Remember - the male ego is fragile so commanding as a women can be easy for two reasons: 1. men hate being beaten by women in anything - PT or range work for example. and 2. Men hate being disciplined by women OCs - especially if their told that their not up to standard! so all you have to do is be professional, meet all min standards and not be afraid to use the Mil Discipline system when needed.

    7. AND FINALLY Join the army for the right reasons and choose your cap badge well.

    have fun and good luck

    (fellow shoe shopper)
  7. Thanks soo much for all this!!
    would say i am quite fit, swim about 4 times and week and go to the gym quite a bit, and am definitly ensuring that i dont look awful or fat in the combats!!

  8. From my understanding there will be more running then swimming

    Get some miles in your legs while you can

    Although I'm not a female, I am in the same application process as you (after uni I assume)
  9. yeah, will do.
    I know that the swimming will help me become land-fit lot easier though as the stamina is already there from all those lengths in the pool!

  10. Have heard about this rumour before, is it actually true???!
  11. Ooook. You might want to hide the naivety and stop talking like the girl from Clueless.

    Sandhurst (should) be the same for the ladies as it is for the guys. We did enjoy, however, laughing at the guys in the girls company for tabbing so very slowly.

    I actually thought the only difference was that the girls platoon was probably more bitchy. In the case of my intake, that actually appears to be have been what happened! But I am assured that that one was an exception.
  12. haha, wherever you are in the world, whatever you're doing, groups of girls are always bitchy, its what we do!

    p.s throwing my Clueless DVD as we speak!
  13. It's there in bold.
  14. Grazia. are you in the OTC at uni? It's nowhere near as hard as Sandhurst, but wi will give you a good head start on knowing how to write and deliver a set of orders. And more importantly will give you some idea whether you're up to leading other people. You'll also get to go on exercise and pretend to take it seriously (at least you'll know how to put up a basha) and you'll have loads of fun and get very smashed.

    can also give you a slight edge at AOSB.

  15. yeah was going to join the otc at uni but it was on wednesday afternoons which is when all the sport in uni is so i couldnt do both and had to choose.
    At the time i wasnt really interested in joining the army so did the sport instead!