women around catterick

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by private---pile, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. just wondering what sort of chance you get to *aherm* "socialise" with women etc?

    i know during first 14 weeks you are not allowed off site. but even after that a fella on my selection was saying that squaddies are banned from most bars in that area?

    i dont want to turn gay....
  2. thats why you go out of area.....

    who on earth wants to go to pubs full of drunk squaddies where you are just another one of them...

    get a train and head off somewhere... just make sure the rat you pull has a car to get you back to said train in the morning...

    oh the memories.. penrith massive...then the 0530 train ready for the 0748 run to the block.... happy days!
  3. Dont worry it's only gay if you look back over your shoulder licking your lips
  4. Try the Angel Inn at Gilling West, far side of Richmond, an old 13th Century former Coaching Inn, real ales and good food, your always welcome there, I know the owner...well ok, I am the owner :wink:


    Michelle is one of the barmaids
  5. Damn, that didn't work...blonde Model, stunner but now you only have my word for it.
  6. Your word isn't good enough man! Proof. We need Proof!
  7. ill be there! i dont need pictures, im sure after 14 weeks with nothing id be a game guy for just about anything
  8. Anything female that is you will have had your fill (no pun intended) of male "bonding" :wink:

    al i'm saying is read up on the spartans they were good soldiers despite certain aspects of thier training
  9. Real Ales & Good Food? The bloke want's laid. He can always get a kebab down the white shops. As for real ale's....

    Bollox to The Angel pal, get your arrse into a classy establishment....like Jesters. You'll be up to your nuts in guts inside the hour. Can't guarantee what the fizzer will look like and you'll probably have to go halves on your kebab, but it'll have tits and a pulse.
  10. if we want class why not louis bar and it's just down the road from the camp result!
  11. An example from our gallery:



    Might be easier being a gayer.
  12. what gallery is that? she aint too bad
  13. Jesters has now been shut down

    Cause he might bump into me in there and he don't want that.

    Virtually every pub in Catterick is out of bounds to recruits, and most in Darlington won't let them in either.
  14. why are we banned from everywhere? i might just have to get some ACE and sit in a bus shelter
  15. Unless you want your every move watched by the CCTV Nazis get yourself up to Darlington, not too far away but far away enough!