Women are the homebreakers...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BaldricksBullet, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. Average age under 30. More men leave their women

  2. Average age under 30. More women leave their men

  3. Average age over 30. More men leave their women

  4. Average age over 30. More women leave their men

  5. Dont care. I am a homosexual

  1. Women have become the best PR agents since the Austrians persuaded the world that Hitler was German!
    Or so it seems.

    'cos we... the men... are the baswards, right... we trade our women in for a newer more shaggable model. NOT TRUE.

    In the last 2 years, 7 of my mates have split up from long term relationships with their women... 4 were married, 3 have kids and in every single case the woman left the man... and he was left shocked. Every single one. There was no adultery.

    What I want to know is whether this is normal or whether I've just been hit by a strange set of statistics. Count up the number of serous (living together) break-ups your mates have had in the last couple of years and see whether more women leave men than the other way around.

    I think age may have something to do with it thus the age brackets (not your age- the ones who broke up).

    Thanks... I've just got to know. I think women have begun to believe in Hollywood endings...
  2. Didn't you get the memo? Women are snakes with tits... :twisted:
  3. I think women expect alot more from their partners now and divorce is so much easier than it used to be so instead of working at it they just decide to leave.

    My OH's ex wife left him after 8 months of marriage, she said afterwards that she was having doubts before the actual wedding, why an earth would you put someone else and infact yourself through something like that if your not 100% sure?
  4. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    All women are cheating lying whores.

    There was a good programme on the other night, David Tennant (Dr. Who) played a builder manager (or something like that) and got hit by a truck on a night out - recovers but with brain damage.

    Result - wife gets fed up and decides to leave him, after shagging some random bloke in club. Trys to make out its his fault for it all, and claims "we're not married anymore, our vows dont count". Ends up with everyone staying together, but what a whore.

    Good programme though!
  5. In your dreams.
  6. Was it fact-based? If fiction, who wrote it - a man or a woman?!
  7. I can only go on personal knowledge....... In the '60's in a small close knit unit and around 20 of us got married in our twenties between 1962 - 1968. Only 2 stayed the course and are still spliced. I would say it was 75% the wives who instigated the separation mainly when they were in their thirties.
    edited to add........not without some provocation :neutral:
  8. Completely with you... but they're only going to get another bloke after unraveling for a longer time than expected... aren't they?

    Or do Hollywood men exist?

    (All my mates were good blokes... did the family thing... and spent good money on dishwashers and stuff :) )
  9. I think birds do expect more these days, and don't have to take too much sh!t if they don't want to. Does it matter who leaves who? If one thinks it's bad enough then something's clearly very wrong with the relationship (or she's seen something better...) ;-)
  10. I think it matters when 6 of the 7 of my mates didn't even see it coming... didn't think anything was wrong.

    Plus... would it be the same if the women couldn't have guaranteed to walk off with the kids?

    I just don't think the level of "something wrong with the relationship" is anywhere near the level it used to be.
  11. Aha! Did they spend good money on dishwashers and vacuum cleaners and food processors as 'useful' birthday / Valentine's Day / Christmas presents? If so, there's your answer! :D

    Seriously, I think that it depends upon what one wants / expects from one's relationship. Obviously we all change as we age and some people just naturally grow apart. Other times people go into a relationship with different aims / dreams, yet because they never actually articulate what they want, they assume their partner wants the same and over time it becomes apparent that that's not the case, so they break up.

    My folks legally separated, but have never divorced, 12 years ago after 25 years of marriage. It was instigated by Mum who decided that the marriage wasn't any longer what she wanted. We kids had grown up and left home and she had her own career, so just saw this as another chapter of her life.

    In my own experience, I find it's men who have a problem telling the truth and acting with any sense of morality, but then I've never dated any women! 8O :D
  12. That's a fair point. Thinking that married life is going to sweetness and roses every day is setting youself up for a fall.
  13. Face it human mating is just that we are not programmed to be Upland Geese.

    From a woman's perspective it must be:

    Stage 1: Overwhelming urge to shag anything that moves
    Stage 2; Overwhelming urge to have babies.
    Stage 1 is often missed.
    Stage 3; Find bloke to deliver
    Stage 4: Make sure bloke will fund
    Stage 5: Marriage or long term relationship
    Stage 6: Have kids go off sex (with him at least)
    Stage 7: Go off him
    Stage 8: Realise you can still have his house and income without him.
    Stage 9: **** off
  14. Hahahahahahaha!

    Edited to explain laughter...

    Not every woman wants to push out sprogs and some women are more than capable of funding their own lifestyles, hence making men an optional extra in their lives rather than some kind of necessity.

    You can turn it on its head too: some men have an overwhelming desire to spawn, yet don't want anything to do with hands-on rearing of the fruit of their loins. I've seen several friends go from having equal relationships pre-sprog to having mutually resentful relationships once the screaming- gobshite arrives.
  15. And that's your problem, Dozy, you should try it sometime. Can I watch?


    A big boy made me do that and then ran away....