Women are like cars!!!

Havent you ever thought like me that women are like cars?

You spend ages flicking through the pages of books of the latest models all with differing accessories, watch them pass on the street and on TV.
Then finally having the courage and going round the showrooms looking and touching a few - before being asked to leave! , take a few out on a test drive (including the fast expensive ones but could never afford to buy that model - but only after much coaxing and bluffing that you have an income to be able to run such a car)

Then you end up with what you think is the top of the range sports car with extra tuning as standard and regualry thrash it on a long fast run.
Then after a few years of long trips seat covers need changing to make it look racy they need more coaxing up hills, loose power, bodywork needs attention and generally look tired.

The lucky ones amongst us see a newer faster model and can actually trade the old model in - costs money but well worth it!!

I'm on my second car now and now Im looking for a new model, the big end has gone and I'm not allowed in the driving seat any more!
At my age and going through my third midlife crisis its going to be a new sports job!

So whats your "car" and what will you trade it in for?

"A pat on the back is a recce for a knife!"
If you break into a woman using a screwdriver, then rag the t1ts off her you may well go to the house of stripey sunshine.

If you are a teenage crack head and do the above to a car you'll get a caution.


I don't have a car, but I have used the analogy.

I was discussing my desire for more than one wife with my wife. She smiled and said

'Why would you want another wife, I'm beautiful, a great housewife, I've given you three beautiful children, I've been your companion'

'Well' says I, 'Why do some men have two cars?'

I escaped without the expected clip around the ear.

This said I am planning on a banana yellow M3 around my 50th :wink:
Ill race you at the lights!! Im for the black Nissan 350ZX, its over due as i just got the big 50!!, finance called they want the old estate back!

"A pat on ther back is a recce for a knife!"
You have to look out for the newer models,expensive to maintain,but you will get a lot of admiration for your mates

Models with few previous owners tend to be better in the long run as you can drive em how you want and they dont get annoyed if you go for a test drive in another one.

high numbers of previous owners usually mean its worn out and very loose in most departments.however sometimes with a bit of TLC they may be turned around but a lot of time and money will have to be spent

I currently drive a MKIV Supra,getting on a bit but still looks gorgeous,gets lots of attention but costs a lot to run.
I favour the older models...

Like an "F" Reg Golf GTI.

Cheap as chips to buy, bodywork is usually a bit ropey, but get inside, give her stacks of revvs and work the gearbox properly and she'll go like an Arab Donkey.

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