Women are at their most confident aged 52

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Dec 29, 2011.

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  1. 210nmzk.jpg

    Please feel free to upload any GILF pictures...
  2. Believe you me, the average 50 yr old where I come from looks nothing like this.You're lucky if they've got all their own teeth and their tattoos are spelt right.
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  3. Speaking as a 52 year old (not for much longer) I can but concur :)
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  4. Well if some of the 50 yr old's in my local area looked like the picture i'd definately rag them ragged,

    Minus the silicone & lip enhancments of course, natural all the way ;-)
  5. Concur with whom though? Piccies of your clopper would clear this up.
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  6. You are never 52 :thumright:
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  7. Little bit older than that but never mind, only as old as the man I feel...........................welcome to Cougar Town
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  8. Ah Cougars hhhmm,

    More pictures otherwise this thread is useless..
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  9. A shiver just ran down my spine...
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  10. Mmmm dementia sex...

  11. Pics or it's all bullshit. Tits or clopper I'm not fussy. The people have a right to know.
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  12. Refers to next post below. You'll do, I can fit you in until Monday xxx
  13. Just realized you live in Toowoomba which is full of inbred homos, therefore you are unsure what a lady looks like - this small photo might help you - enjoy:

    View attachment 59589
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  14. Is that you darling?