Women and the Vote

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cernunnos, Jan 9, 2008.

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  1. Women of Britain, it is all your fault, it’s time to face up to your failings.

    In 1918 Britain, despite years of war was the richest nation on earth. A major power, a world empire and in 1918, the only power able to operate worldwide with impunity. The world bought our products, marvelled at our ingenuity and feared our wrath. What went wrong?

    In 1918 we gave the vote to women. God punished us immediately for this heresy with a terrible flu epidemic. Noone paid attention.

    Within three years the rot had set in, we lost Ireland and it’s all been downhill ever since.

    We won the next war but were bankrupt and our colonies fell away one by one.

    William Pitt, the Victorian PM, once said “that in and island made of coal and surrounded by fish, it would the work of a genius to create a shortage of either commodity”. That genius was a political woman, Margaret Thatcher.

    So ladies, you have shat, isn’t it time you got off the pot?
  2. I think you will find the rot set in when the women stopped telling the men what to do and think, once given the vote they were allowed an opinion of their own. Sadly this also meant that men therefore had to think for themselves...Therein lies the problem.
    Men and thinking always a dangerous combination.
  3. Yeah like that's ever going to happen.
  4. Proof positive, if any was ever required:

    1997 - Day after the elections:

    My bone wife: "I voted Labour this year"
    Me: "Why?"
    My Bone Wife: "That Tony Blair bloke looks like a nice chap"
    Me: "Do you know anything about this 'New Labour'?"
    My bone wife: "No but I like his smile"

    Multiply that conversation by several million around the country.

    Why the fcuk I stay with her, god only knows.
  5. The same reason we all do perhaps, She's thick enough to fu'ck you!
  6. You are all 'staying' with Mrs Broon??


    ...and chance would be a fine thing......last time I saw her badly packed kebab, Centurian was a rank.
  7. Bloody women should not have the vote. Only those men who are/have been in service of the Queen and land/property owners should have the vote.

  8. :D
  9. we can VOTE??
  10. why let them? They'll only try and vote in Gok Wan or some other stupid thing
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    A similar conversation must have been repeated many times in Germany in 1932, when Hitler was elected - and of course it was Women who voted for him in far greater numbers than did men. Probably he 'looked nice'.
  12. Bloody hell, they'll be letting them join the Army next. 8O
  13. yeah hitler was a real hit with the ladies. But then if Tony Blair has a "nice face", you're probably right.
  14. Think you'll find that the vote was EQUAL for Labour between males and females.
  15. Any 1997 figures moody.....and where did you get those stats?