Women and Technology

As we know these two words do not go well together. As I am a member of the former category I will freely admit that for an intelligent woman I bloody hate technology.

So I turn to the wise of Arrse for some advice please. I need a lap top mainly for work but also access to the net, photos that kind of stuff. I would also like to go wireless.

So my questions are these. What sort would you recommend bearing in mind my use. What are the main things I need to look for and the differences in price and how that would affect me. Also, wireless, I know nothing about it apart from it allows me to access the net from anywhere.

Get a copy of May 08 Computer Shopper out now. They have a section devoted to laptop purchase, min specs for specific use etc. V useful.
While reading this, you must remember to not to forget breathing while reading i know your head cannot handle too many functions but it is a must - and i will not be held responsible.

Well if your intelligent (<-- IQ is intelligence not the number of people who slept with) you will realise for starters it needs a webcam (a fancy camera thing - you cant eat it ) so you can do live shows (naked with a friend(female) or toys preferably) , go on PC world pronounced :pEEESAYY WOLD's website ( a website is an adress you type in that white bar at the top) and they have some cracking deals on for office laptops with WI-FI.

Glad to help.
Callum, no offence but I did mention the wise members of Arrse....unfortunately you dont seem to fit that category. But thanks so much for the advice.

Cheers pronto_mike_uniform. Much appreciated
I've always stuck with normal pc's but bought the technically inferior her indoors a Mac for crimbo and it's the dogs dangley bits!
Great for her doing work/girly things (not sure what www.hunglike a mule.com is tho :? )
Its really good for photo sharing, making greeting cards,calenders and that stuff too, and you get a great website tool so you can show the world your wonderful family :D or pictures of you in the buff :twisted:

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