Women and Central Heating

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FARMBOY, Mar 11, 2008.

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  1. Is it just me or do women seem to have a completely different concept of when a room is actually warm?

    Yesterday evening I returned home and on opening the front door was met with a near sauna blast of hot air.

    Of course I immediately switched off the heating only to be met with protests from the long haired OC, claiming the house was freezing and the heating should be left on for at least another few hours. The house was redders by any normal persons standards - every winter I get this - Lord knows what would happen if we really did have a cold snap.

    I think she wants our heating bill to match the mortgage payments in scale.

    Is it just me or has anyone else got a boiler who loves to leave the boiler on all day?
  2. Nah, I don't like the heating on too much. It comes on for half an hour in the morning and a few hours in the evening. If I'm cold, I put a fleece on. But then, it is me who pays the bills. Though that's not the reason. If I spend the evening at friends' houses, I find it far too hot ...... especially if we're dining. Though I'm not typical:
    another post where I defy female stereotypes
    ....... but I'm all woman. :wink:
  3. I can understand your confusion, but the bit where you put "normal person" is where you start to go wrong.

    Women are not normal people and it is men's greatest mistake to start thinking they are.

    The problem they have with regulating their own body temperature is proof that they are not even mammals. Rather they are some sort of other hard to classify species, like duck billed platypuses, just with rather more in common with lizards.

    Turn the heating down and provide her with a hot stone to lie on.
  4. Not just you. Tell her to get in the kitchen with the oven on cooking your tea and she will stay warm.
  5. I am guilty of the central heating sin.

    The way I see it, it's YOU who aren't normal, you spend far too much time outdoors, hence your body's resistance to the cold.

    WE are normal, and therefore are simply heating the house in the correct manner.

    You could always just sit outside?
  6. if God didn't want us to have the heating on, we'd have a thick layer of blubber!.....oh no, hang on a minute!
  7. Good for you bovvy - and a good suggestion re clothing. I shall present the lovely Mrs FB with some fleecy equipment this evening and suggest that the heating is turned off just in time to save me from bankrupcy.

    I like the hot stone idea Clownbasher, but should she lie on the stone or the stone lie on her?
  8. Even better advice - maybe this is the problem, after thousands of years in the kitchen women have grown used to the oven like temperatures and have evolved accordingly. They now struggle in the other rooms of the house once away from the oven and have to recreate this warmth elsewhere to survive.........I think we could be onto something here.
  9. Though maybe it was at your suggestion that Frau Farmboy wears nothing but sexy lingerie, duo-balls and a squirt of Chanel?
  10. Totally agree with this, Mrs BP won't switch the heating off until the plaster is melting on the walls, the moans that its cold as she sits around in a wee pair of shorts and a vest.
    Actually, maybe I shouldn't complain as she might start wearing big pants and a fleece.
  11. Ok, I'm cracking up here with my lovely balmy minus 20C weather... tell the missus that if she wants to feel cold... you'll be quite happy to send her here...after a week here, she'll be champing at the bit to get back to the lovely warm UK. Flight, way cheaper than the winter heating bill....
  12. The OC at my Alfa, has every aide possibly to keep warm in the house that is not clothing related. Even when she is in her gonkbag she has the heating on in the house 'full tilt". But as she earns more than me now I dont argue anymore.
  13. Well, they are snakes with tits :p
  14. How about when the house it too warm, instead of shutting the heating off the long haired general opens the bloody windows!!!

    I will be busking in Hyde park next week at this rate!
  15. i found an easy way round this problem guys, when i had a new boiler fitted i simply refused to show our lass how to use it! when i come home now i find her gibbering under a duvet!!

    she can't cook either so she's sh1t out of luck!!