Women and Cars....A Sh1t Combination?

After recently yet again nearly having an accident in my car due to a woman driver ( she had turned off at a junction that i was going to use as well and just stopped about 10 metres after she turned into it, to drop someone off from the backseat of her 2 door car)<picturing it> :x Yes apparently they get all the great deals with shiela's wheels (advert makes me grind my teeth) but i personally think from what i have seen that they cause accidents.. Why?
1) Nervous and hesitant at junctions...nearly gone into a car before when i can see it is clear and thought they might have gone and went to move forward to find stoopid biatch is still waiting for a gap 500 metres long to pull out...
2) Crap at reversing.. i dont think i need to say more they just are, i have seen a couple manage to reverse without fcuking it up, but mostly they seem to be really close to the white lines that is ok as they can get out of their car but your fucked if you want to get in yours etc.
3)Nervous driving in the rain... Used to go out with a bird who was scared of overtaking trucks in the rain because of the spray and thought it was a one off but since come across a couple of others admitting to the same.

I am not a boy racer and hate the little fcukers myself, but sometimes i think women are just as dangerous on the road, why they get better insurance deals when they drive like OAP's is beyond me as they are cause of quite a few accidents with a few of my mates for reason 1 alone that i know of.
How about stopping on a roundabout to let someone on? Honest. Middle lane hogging, face against the windscreen/staring at the rear view mirror. Ref the truck thing; slamming the brakes on half way through the overtaking manoeuvre, great fun when it's bucketing down. BTW I drive 500 miles per day so I've seen it all and they are def a hazard in their own right.
Its not their fault, men just don't understand......aparrently.

That was my friends comment about a similar conversation, when my wife then says, "no that boll0x, we just have poor spacial awareness, nothing we can do about it".

This is a true fact, so why do they get cheaper insurance when its a law of nature that they are the cause of accidents!
I was told by a mate, who does maths for the insurance companies, that the reasoning behind cheaper insurance for women is thus....

They have small, girlly crashes, at slow speed which cause little damage. Because of this many do not claim, as it will only be slightly above the excess.

Likewise their dads, boyfriends or husbands will sort them out with a bit of DIY.

Men, however, have good manly crashes. Probably involving high speeds and, disturbingly, drink.

Obviously this is stereotyping at it's greatest, but it is the reason that we get shafted for insurance.

I beleive, also, that our premiums could drop by as much as 30% if there was a way to prevent people driving without insurance, or not stopping at the scene.
There are also some women who are on their husband's insurance as a named driver, so it's the men's insurance that gets shafted when she crashes it.
True acp, that doesn't help matters at all.

Also, women are normally on the school route etc. You are more likely to have crashes on routes that you regularly drive, esp withing (IIRC) 1km of home. Because many drive on "autopilot" on roads they know.


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Women cause accidents in many ways. When they are in an open top car, and have short skirts on, or longer skirts which they then hike up to expose long, smooth tanned limbs!
When driving any car, with their low-cut tops, exposing smooth and creamy bosoms.
Tossing their heads in a careless yet flaunting manner, their long hair caressing their smooth pale necks.

When cycling, with short skirts, or long flowing ones, which they hold up to expose their long, smooth, tanned limbs.

Nurse; the screens please!
My wife keeps telling me that statistically women are involved in less accidents than men.

I say they just witness more in their rear view mirrors.
Did anybody see the Glasto advert featuring the Yokel with an Adams apple like a third knee who bemoaned the fact that he had crashed into a car because he was staring at a woman who was walking down the road topless?

Sheer Quality! :D
"You are more likely to have crashes on routes that you regularly drive, esp withing (IIRC) 1km of home"

I know, it's fcuking carnage in our street!

Seriously though, it's the old familiarity breeds contempt thing. The insurance business works on the basis of statistics and risk management. The more miles you drive, the more likely you are to have an accident, and if you take that to it's logical conclusion, if you drive zero miles you can't have an accident.

Some of the women I work with are clearly very bright, intelligent and capable people. Once they get into the car, they go a bit lala. All of them. Head full of sweetie mice.

I was helping a mate move house a couple of years back and we had all of his stuff in a mahooosive truck. Heading for his new gaff, I noticed a Ford Galaxy behind us, and I mean RIGHT behind us. She was wearing a nurse's uniform and had 5 unrestrained kids climbing all over the inside of the car. As per the highway code, when someone's driving that close you are supposed to slow right down, and we did. Then she passed us. There's no way she could see if the road was clear because she was so close to us.

This shook me and the big mate up, and we were in no danger at all!
BigMac said:
My wife keeps telling me that statistically women are involved in less accidents than men.
How come so many get pregnant then?
Heres a fact, most accidents on the roads caused by men because most women were insured under their husbands insurers. Woman crashes..husband foots the bill and up go the statistics for claims.

Was driving down my high street and get to mini rounabout. Look both ways, particulary right and all clear. Then out of now where, girl from my left nearly hits me..its only both of our emergancy braking stops that prevent a collision.

She hadnt even slowed down at the mini round about..let alone stop to give way to the right.

Did I get a wave or any form of apology?...did i fcuk!...she just looked blankly at me.
SpannerSpanker said:
she had turned off at a junction that i was going to use as well and just stopped about 10 metres after she turned into it,
Whereas all the posts above are factually correct (in my mind) and women are generally worse drivers than men, you know that insurance companies and Master Drivers will say it is your fault for not being able to stop in time.

As a fan of two wheels constantly on crap driver alert, nothing like sorting yr lipstick while changing the CD and drifting into my lane to get me refocusing your attention on the road. :p
I think a lot of accidents where a woman is at fault are caused by them not paying attention to what they’re doing.

My missus is a classic example. She bought a new car a couple of years ago and bent it 3 times in the first 12 months. All minor prangs, but all caused by her mind being elsewhere. 2 of them happened on her way home from work and when I asked her why she hadn’t been concentrating she said that her head was full of work stuff.

When I pointed out, quite reasonably I thought, that if she couldn’t stop thinking about work when she should be thinking about driving, she ought to give up one or the other, it got the usual irrational female response.

I really dislike being a passenger in her car.
Watch out for the young aggressive doris (YAD) in (usually) a Peugeot/Renault (free insurance and 0% finance job) with absolutely no clue of spatial awareness (and usually on her mobile). Mini roundabouts ignored a speciality. Usually work in Marketing or HR.

Type 2: 45mph in 70 limit. Known to me in spotter mode as 'wheel clinger'. Will NOT overtake under any circumstances. Will ALWAYS close the door on anyone in Lane 2 at a roundabout. This morning for example.

Type 3: Doris in Landcruiser. Avoid. Physically incapable of seeing over dashboard, but feels 'safe'. Usually transporting 1 sprog.

And the lovely Mrs. Bless her. FIRST DRIVE in her new car after the last one was written off (not by her). Coming up to junction, makes a teeny error of judgement and confuses layby with slip road... apart from screaming 'get back out there now' in a manly falsetto my main thought was 'passenger airbag was an optional extra'
Q. How do you make a woman blind??????

A. Put a windscreen in front of her!!! :D

is that my taxi????????
scotsholly said:
WHAT a cheek!!! Not all women are bad drivers and I happen to think that for every bad women driver there are 3 bad men drivers!
Yeah but you're talkin shiite though to be honest. My mrs freely admits that women are pump drivers. They cant reverse park, zero spatial awareness. Whenever a vehicle pulls out or does something completely bone in front of us, when we eventually get to see which sex is driving, my mrs goes "woman driving, i knew it"

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