women and 1.5mile run!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikerchic, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. hi, would like to hear from women and there run... i have mine on sat, im a 38yrs young lady, with little legs, and im worried about the run.... i have been jogging bout 2 to 3 times a week, on the road, but now started at a gym, and i was told its hard on a tread mill.... would love to hear from the girlies, and to see how you got on... many thanks...

  2. It's a piece of p!ss IMO, the first time I did it, with no running training, I did it in 10.26, although I was 17 and have long legs so...
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Borrow a GPS and measure yourself a 1.5 mile run.

    You need to be hitting a time of less than 14 mins.
  4. Thats for the second half of the run after the 1.5 mile warm up!!
  5. Before August I was running it in just over 11 mins - I'm not skinny either! I've had some time off but this morning clocked in just over 12 mins. It's not as hard as it sounds.

  6. How does hard sound?
  7. i thought it was easier on a tread mill?
  8. well, im tryin my best... i have poiint out a marker for 1.5mile, and im timin myself... im gettin better all the time...
  9. You only do a 800 yard warm up now.
  10. girlie biker---- can i ask what you do, are you in ta or regs, and when did you do 1.5mile run... many thanks

    and do you have a bike.. and if so what bike you got..
  11. firstly i'm no girlie.

    secondly, don't rely on treadmills, I find them easier than 'running out and about'. Like MSR said, get a sat nav, map or go on goggle maps and plan a 1 1/2 mile or 3 mile run (1/2 warm up, seems mad but it's a good idea and you will see a great improvement on ur 1st time). I have 'scenic' route, mainly tracks with limited amount of tarmac, this all affects your times, think it might be a shock to the system if your only use to treadmills at the gym as they often reduce the stock of your feet when ur runnin, making it abit easier.

    I find running in trainers and combat boots to be different too, the first time i ran in boots it was like havin bricks on ur feet but you will get use to them, get yourself some good inserts too.

    When I went on my basic in 2001 there was 3 women on the course, all managed to complete.

    Best of luck with everything

  12. depends on just how hard it is
  13. Bikerchic check your PM's
  14. hi,,, thanks to everyone on your advice, i have only just started on the treadmill this week, as were i live its abit out in the sticks.... and as im workin i get back late.... and no streets lights.... unless i run with a light on me head..lol... but i have been runnin about 2 times aweek before i started at the gym..... so i have been runnin on the road, with a distance that was measured out at 1.5mile and i have been timin myself.....

    well, ill let you know how i get on... and thanks guys... this forum has been a great help to me...

    merry xmas....xx