Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by ViolentBadger, Sep 25, 2007.

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  1. There were WOMBAT's, CONBAT's and I think MOBAT's. I know that BAT stands for Battalion Anti Tank but what does the prefix WO, CON and MO stand for ?
  2. Possibly but I'm pretty sure it was CON not COM
  3. yeah:

    BAT, Battalion Anti Tank
    The original towed gun complete with a heavy armoured shield.
    L4 MOBAT
    A BAT with the shield removed to lighten it and a spotting weapon added. It could be towed by an Austin Champ or later the Land Rover
    L6 WOMBAT (Weapon Of Magnesium BAT)
    A new build weapon with lightweight carriage which meant it was usable by mobile troops such as the Parachute Regiment or Royal Marine Commandos. It was also fitted to vehicles such as the FV432 or a 3/4 ton Portee Land Rover. Could engage targets out to 2000 meters if the strike could be observed by a 3rd party.
    L7 CONBAT ("Converted BAT")
  4. Thanks should have done that before I put the question up.

    I worked on the WOMBAT & CONBAT.
  5. Apprently when the were deciding whether to bin the Wombat they spent an entire morning soaking the backblast area to see whether they could reduce the signature. Boom, huge cloud, decommission. Staggering amount of powder involved in a recoilless weapon that size.
  6. I always loved the Booty compliment for a young lady who was, how shall we say, good in bed:

    "She goes like a belt-fed Wombat".
  7. Hardly a "booty" comment. Just a comment in general I thought?
  8. Mate of mine held a load of rebellious turkish types (i think) at bay with one in Cyprus (yes he is a lot older than me) when it was "loaded" with a jacket stuffed up it
  9. Probably - just heard it from Booty's as at the time had very little contact with pongo's.
  10. That's the way we like it ;)
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I seem to recall that the "Weapon of Magnesium" bit is not true - or Bolloxs, if you prefer - and was invented to fit thre name, which isn't an acronym at all (at least the first bit).

    A bit of a giveaway is that the WOMBAT was not made of Magnesium, or there'd hav been some pretty impressive night shoots :)
  12. well that's what it says in the dictionary online. Although it could also stand for:

    waste of money, brains, and time
  13. Or as we used to say on the range, ' I have no live rounds, empty cases, misfires, wombats up me combats or schurmuleys up me goolies, Sir!!'
  14. Believe it was the carriage that was made out of Magnesium alloy, not the barrel. Weight was 650lbs, most of that was the barrel.

    If you could spot where the .5 hit then you were ok as it had a phosphorous tip. From memory the tracer element of the .5 round burnt out at around 1100 meters.
  15. oldbaldy

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    1. Battlefield Tours

    I always thought they were quite cuddly: