Womanapparently wearing a maroon lid

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. While abroad over the w/e there was a piece on BBC NEWS 24,showing the Queen at Rememberance Ceremony and garden party.Quite close was a woman in a uniform I did not recognise,with gongs,who appeared to be wearing a maroon lid with RLC/AGC badge.Can anyone inform me?
  2. Doesn't the Boss of 16AA insist that all his chaps wear maroon berets regardless of attendance at P Coy? Met an RAF Wg Cdr recently who was attached to them and heartily embarrassed at having to do so. Do they have girlies? If so, perhaps said girlie is attached to them?
  3. That is correct members both male and female of 16 Air Assault Bde wear the maroon lid. remember it is not the maroon beret that is awarded to para trained troops but the wings, unlike in the RM where it is the green beret that is the award on passing the cdo course.

    Mind you I do think it is wrong. When I was a Monkey our attached REME and ACC never wore our scarlet berets ( and very pleased they were about it too). The AMP of course were a different matter.
  4. I once had a female medic explain to me how she was "pratically special forces" because of her maroon beret. Her nickname was SF for the entire duration of the course.
  5. The policy of all-maroon is original to WW2. There was a creeping policy of craphat-isation through the early '80s, with black berets worn by non-P Coy types, but the all-maroon policy was firmly re-introduced to 5 AB Bde by Brig Chaundler in about 1989(?).
  6. The clue might be in the link to the picture. ...../wives_exercise.jpg.... :roll:
  7. fat arrse, para wings !?! finger in a trigger when not firing !! unlike the guy nearest to the photo .

    i may be ACF but i do know some things and i can see that she is a numpty.
  9. How many trained killinf SF types have stubby didgits and lotsa rings?

    Fu*k all ..see Flash for a drubbing and a look see.
  10. Most of the fools I'v come across from 16 CS med reg are exactly that, fools! Shouting 'airbourne' at us as they march past out of step!

    Women in maroon berets are just wrong!
  11. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    The girl on telly near HMtQ is OC of 47 AD Sqn, 13 AA Regt RLC.
  12. She's on a "family day exercise" not mil. at all!

    No excuse though!!!! I make sure all my family know all their battle drills and I read my 4 yeard old son the marksmanship principles before he goes to bed!!!!
  13. Does anyone have a photo, I tought I recognised her on Sunday but was not sure.