Woman who married Jew exposed as a concentration camp guard

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Random_Task, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. "Honey, who is this ODESSA person making deposits into our bank account?"

    Telegraph link here
  2. Fcuk!! Talk about secrets within marriage, poor bloke.
  3. Bloody hell, just shows you never know who you're marrying.
  4. Doubt it'll bother him too much...

    "Relatives of Mrs Rinkel, whose late husband was a German Jew who fled the Holocaust"

  5. So, if you're some bint who went walkies round the camps they kick you out, but if you're a rocket scientist or int bod and useful for spying on the ruskies you can come in and stay!
  6. What's the expression "Welcome to the land of liberty, equality..." :roll:

  7. Bet they let the dog stay!
  8. It gets worse than that. What about all the Japanese Biological Scientists the States tried to snap up after WWII?
  9. Did she actually partake in any atrocities or was the mere fact that she was there make her a criminal?
  10. Since when did the US pay any heed to facts??
  11. To be honest the same as everybody else i.e. when it suited them.

    Historically I'd guess the UK has been just as bad although this particular US reaction does seem a little over the top. I mean the elderly woman in question was hardly likely to be a focal point of future neo-Nazi activity in the US....:D Another good example of government mandarins making themselves look ridiculous.

  12. A. Doesn't matter, and B. Yes.
  13. Dog Handling eh? Well it's not Rocket Science is it? Which is a shame for Mrs Rinkel as NASA would have employed her via Operation Paper clip.

  14. and actually did snap up, all died of old age in comfortable retirement, courtesy of anti communist hysteria.
  15. That's akin to saying everyone who lived in Germany between 1933 - 1945 was a Nazi.

    Out of interest does anyone know the actual legal position in this particular instance?