woman who married 11 U.S. servicemen

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by soldierboy99, May 27, 2010.

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  1. And she looks so nice!!
  2. Haha, dumb septics
  3. Cheers easy! They deserve ripping off, the soft tw*ts.
  4. Now THAT'S an SCH!!
  5. Only on Septic land
  6. Shane Cheeseman - one of the unfortunate victims!

    Why do I hear banjos?
  7. She's called Bobbi Ann, I mean that's a banjo country name if ever I dun heard one yall!
  8. I keep hearing the theme music from The Beverly Hillbillies...

    This flower of womanhood is living proof that there's one born every minute. I'd say 'hats off to her', but she'd probably nick that aswell!

    I reckon that's a photoshopped picture - when the fuzz catch her she'll turn out to be a 25 stone black woman in a wheelchair, mark my words.
  9. Hmm whats that saying about fools and thier money...
  10. :D
  11. Not at all my friend. I can remember someone just like her, a German national who had married and divorced a member of just about every regiment that passed through Osnabruck in the 1980s. Her eigth husband from my Regiment was caught just before we ended our tour and the United Kingdom social services gave the 'good news' to her husband on recovery to UK just before the children were removed and placed into care.
  12. Bobbi Ann is a hard working girl. Just too dumb to bother with the conventional divorce papers. Has she never shagged a lawyer?

    This is precious:
  13. LMAO!

    Okay, there are lots of gals like this one that hang around every Army, Navy and Air Force facility out there... lost count how many guys were left with overdue bills and an empty bed upon returning from deployment.

    One "lady" in particular was screwing and marrying her way up the chain of command on Ft. Campbell... started off with a private, dumped him for a specialist, dx'ed that guy for a staff sergeant, then found her way into bed with a captain... who's career was over for sleeping with a married woman who's husband was in his command. She ended up personna non gratis and last I heard was stripping and turning tricks at a sleezy joint on the bad side of Clarksville.
  14. I know it's a different location but Med Hat had it's fair share of them also :p