Woman who managed brothels ordered to pay £1.3m

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Troy, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Woman who managed brothels ordered to pay £1.3m


    A 47 year old woman who ran 12 brothels across London has been ordered to pay over £1.3m at Southwark Crown Court, today (22 March).

    Li Ying (19.12.65 - 47 ys) of Fortune Green Road, West Hampstead was found to have made £1,338,891 from running brothels in the London Boroughs of Camden, Wandsworth, Barnet, Harrow, Brent, Ealing and in the counties of Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire over six years.

    She concealed £150,000 of this in cash in a safe deposit box at the Hampstead Safe Depository on Finchley Road, NW3. Operation Rize officers investigating the use of depositories to store proceeds of crime uncovered the money and a false passport for Ying during a search warrant at the depository in June 2008.

    Five days later, they arrested Li Ying when she voluntarily surrendered herself to Belgravia police station to answer questions. She stated the money was hers but provided no explanation for where it had come from and was released on police bail. However, further investigation revealed a network of brothels, each one operating under a hierarchal system with a number of key players, including Ying, running each one. A parallel money laundering investigation carried out by the Specialist and Economic Crime Command under the Proceeds of Crime Act then led to the freezing of £96,000 in a bank account owned by Ying and identified a further £220,000 which had been transferred to a bank account abroad over the last five years.

    Ying was rearrested and charged on 21 April 2009. Financial investigators from the Specialist and Economic Crime Command found that prior to being rearrested, Ying attempted to conceal nearly half a million pounds more of her ill gotten gains from police by withdrawing it in cash or transferring it to China.

    Ying was found guilty of controlling prostitution, concealing criminal property and three counts of money laundering at Southwark Crown Court on 4 July 2011. The total sentence for the offences was nine and a half years imprisonment but as some of the sentences were to run concurrently, in reality it totalled five years imprisonment.

    Today, Ying was told she must pay a confiscation order for the full £1,338,891 she made within six months. If she fails to do so, she must serve an additional five years in prison after her current sentence is complete.

    Ying has also been made subject to a financial reporting order which dictates that she must provide full documentation of her bank accounts and financial transactions every six months for eight years. This is with a view to preventing her making any more money through crime.

    Investigating Officer DC Richard Johnson, of the Specialist and Economic Crime Command, said: "Ying attempted to hide the money she made from running brothels using numerous aliases and bank accounts, and by desperately trying to move the money out of the country when she knew police were on to her. Clearly Ying did not figure on us carrying out the extensive and protracted analysis of her bank accounts that we did, in order to identify the extent of her financial benefit from her crime. As a result of that in-depth financial investigation, she has today been ordered to pay the money she made from running brothels within six months or face the consequences of another five years in prison.

    "This should serve as a lesson to all other criminals who think they can hide their ill-gotten gains from the Met.

    "My special thanks go to prosecutor Kate Bex of Two Hare Court Chambers for her commitment and fine detail in presenting this case."
  2. 5 years and all the financial penalties seem a tad steep. I don't subscribe to the view that prostitution is a victimless crime, but there is no mention of violence, theft or people trading here. £1.3 million does not seem to be a vast profit for running a chain of 12 knocking shops for 6 years!
  3. 'Li-Ying', love it, you couldn't make that up! Was it Kent Police?
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  4. Ah, but it's essential to showing that the government's immigration policies are working.

    And to think we used to mock Pravda for being a political pawn. Our entire apparatus of government is one.
  5. Looking good for 47!
  6. i think a few hundred of that might be mine.

    ....can i now claim it back?
  7. 5 posts and no one's said, "I would!"

    Or MattEOD saying, "I've done her daughter...."
  8. Ssshhhh Kent Police are behaving a bit better nowadays. But they are still at a sensitive stage so best not provoke a relapse.


    Now appear to be resurrecting inquiries (which cost 2 million to get nowhere) from 20 years ago into alleged corruption at Thanet Council.

    It is a step nearer than I ever expected but don't hold your breath waiting for the inquiry to develop fully.
  9. she made 1.3 million and they want 1.3 million off her?

    That a bit ******* steep

    tidy for a 47 year old

    Absolutely no doubt she is just the face up front and there are some proper naughty people counting the cash and "importing the produce" in the shadows
  10. Breathe IIIIINNNN.......

    AAAAAHHHHH **** it.
  11. Not a happy ending after all.
  12. They sent me a letter asking if I drove a car I sold and filled all the info in at dealership for DVLA 6 months earlier to me in sunny Glos asking if I had driven the car at twice the legal limit in Lardarn somewhere, through a speed camera!
    Like you do!!
  13. They sent me a letter asking if I drove a car I sold and filled all the info in at dealership for DVLA 6 months earlier to me in sunny Glos asking if I had driven the car at twice the legal limit in Lardarn somewhere, through a speed camera!
    Like you do!!

    Oh and vinniethemanxca
    Yep I would!!