Woman who filmed herself drop-kicking her kitten.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by amazing__lobster, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Linky

    Personally, I think she should have gone to prison, rather than a curfew for 6 months.

    And a lifetime ban from keeping animals seems unrealistic to enforce, IMHO.
  2. Roger your last. Sick pieces of scum like that are no use in todays society. She should be sterilised, beaten, labotomised and sent to work in a Para brothel to tech her a lesson.
  3. 12 hour daytime curfew when the mong should be stacking shelves at Tesco!
  4. I did wonder if that was a typo - hardly seems like a punishment if she gets to sit at home watching her friends on Jeremy Kyle all day long.

    At the very least she should have been ordered to do community service with the RSPCA, or something similar.
  5. onTesco? Fcuknig Aldi more like and she should be doing it naked whilst being kicked by a big man in a cat costume wearing divers boots. Sick fcuk.
  6. FFS, she's a gwar munter as well
  7. You want to put a woman who kicks kittens to work with the good people from the RSPCA? Are you madder than mad jack Mc Mad? Would you put that cowardly bsatard who attacked a pensioner to work in a care home?
  8. Porsonally I would feed this evil chav bitch to lions,film it,then post it on you tube.

    A prison sentence coupled with the suspension of her driving licence(assuming she drives) and the right to hold a passport would seem appropiate.

    If this bitch is employed,she should be dismissed,and lose the right to welfare.
  9. Or fcuk her out of the country to somewhere hot where gang rape is part of the culture and a quick dose of 'the AIDS' would remove her and her kind from our world.
  10. And thats just for being a pig ugly Gwaarr, surely the curfew must be 7pm to 7am, unless, once again she is not allowed in daylight hours for being said pig ugly gwarr.

    Still deserves a fcuking good kicking, or put her in a room with a couple of cats for an hour, I think Longleat has a couple we could borrow for just this purpose.

  11. FFS ladies, it's only a cat.

    While I don't condone cruelty to animals, I think your outrage is way over the top.
  12. So using this logic I should delete the videos I have of me drop kicking the boy?
  13. Thinking along the lines that she would have to work to a certain ability, standard etc, otherwise she would be in breach of her punishment, meaning she would then get a further punishment on top of that one.

    Although I'm probably thinking of something that would work for people who have respect for authority, etc.

    So you're right - being kicked to death by the man wearing a cat costume & diving boots would probably be a better idea :D
  14. Nothing to add is there? If there is a stronger case for sterilisation as Vino suggests I've yet to hear it. Gwar cnut.
  15. I think that crimes like this merit a flogging - It is a cheap and instantaneous way of bringing home the full weight of societies disapproval to a toerag.

    I know a guy who was once flogged for breaking into cars (a long time ago and not in the UK). His physical injuries had healed within a fortnight but he said the pain was so intense nothing could have prepared him for it and the shock to his psyche was a profound one. He never involved himself in crime again. He also said that had he been sent to prison to fester in the company of more experienced criminals he would have been ruined for life.

    Flogging wouldn't 'cure' everybody but it would jolt a lot of small time yobs back onto the straight and narrow and give ordinary people the feeling that real justice was being done and that society was (quite literally) striking back.