Woman who aided Massereene Sappers murderers gets cell makeover at public expense.

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by spike7451, Oct 25, 2011.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    This 'woman' ( and I use the term loosely) provided things that were used in the murder of the two Sappers at Masareen Bks..so her cell now has a widescreen tv/dvd/pc/....Words fail me!

    She's the only occupant of the wing & they've also provided Sky TV in the rec room...

    She's as guilty as those who pulled the trigger!

    BBC News - Marian Price Maghaberry cell furnishings not luxury: Ford

  2. Welcome to Britain, become a criminal and get more than what someone paying taxes and obeying the law gets.

    I don't have half that stuff, my telly has about 6 channels and I don't sleep on a proper bed with a duvet.

    Maybe if I didn't have my wages taxed because I work and don't murder people, I could buy these nice things instead of paying for this piece of scum's luxuries.

    Probably because he's lived in extreme luxury all his life, out-of-touch prick.
  3. Maybe the makerover could be completed by a troop of Wedges pebble dashing the walls after a night on stella and curry?

    Imagine the look on her face as she cut through the urban cam in a sort of 'changing rooms' stylee.

    Or would she prefer to do that sort of stuff herself?
  4. Disappointing to say the least, but no less than we have come to expect from our 'justice' system. Ignore the law and the system looks after you, while your victims and their families have their feelings trodden into the dirt and ignored.
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  5. She should be executed.

    Unfortunately, even on this forum, we have been infected by 'liberalism'.

    There are far too many ex-forces, especially on this forum, who have been infected by the controlled mass media.

    And yes I know this is an old thread.

    This liberalism is awash within the ex-forces community, as they get their ideas from the controlled mass media and NOT from their own brains.
  6. My grandfather commanded a firing squad in 1945 and never got over. It affected him worst than any of the battles that he fought in.

    I don't think the State has the right to ask its servants to kill in cold blood on its behalf. One thing to fire an angry shot, another to kill in cold blood.

    That's my view.

    I think the stuff about this bitch getting a big tv is a bit of a non story.
  7. I personally would have no problem in commanding a firing squad that would off murderers and such like (although in my opinion that is too quick). The way I see it, these people have killed in cold blood and as such do not deserve anything, which includes the right to live.

    I also have an issue with the fact that this woman has a tv, computer, dvd etc etc. She is in prison, not in a hotel and should be treated as such. (yes, if I had my way, prisoners would be chained up in the vilest of conditions)
  8. Mirrors, they should have made over her cell and the entire wing with a range of mirrors, on every wall, then under no circumstances could she escape the reality of how utterly gopping she is.
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  9. So do we. Now.
  10. I think she maybe got that stuff as she is a bit downy? I heard there is also a room with brightly coloured cushions in it for when she gets angry.

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