Woman who aided Massereene Sappers murderers gets cell makeover at public expense.

This 'woman' ( and I use the term loosely) provided things that were used in the murder of the two Sappers at Masareen Bks..so her cell now has a widescreen tv/dvd/pc/....Words fail me!

She's the only occupant of the wing & they've also provided Sky TV in the rec room...

She's as guilty as those who pulled the trigger!

BBC News - Marian Price Maghaberry cell furnishings not luxury: Ford

Justice Minister David Ford has said the refurbishment of Marian Price's cell in Maghaberry Prison was proportionate and "in no sense luxury".

Last month it emerged over £2,250 has been spent refurbishing a unit in the prison - Glen House - for Price.
I think this piece of shit is doing her second stretch, ISTR she was banged up in the 80s for car bombings in London, then freed under the GFA.
I would have thought that the TV/DVD combination in her cell would be for personal use, so why would the inmate not be made to pay for is (or do without). That is what "free" people have to do (for whom such things are not "free").
Can't see that is being against her "Human Rights"

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