woman wanting to join up - advise needed on fitness

im a woman wanting to join the RMP but a little worried about my 1.5mile run. my partner who i consider to be very fit and cycles to work every day (10miles half an hr) did the run for me to set a time and it took him 12 mins. i have been told as a woman i have to be able to do it in 13mins. my cardio fitness isnt great. i have fantastic upper body fitness sit ups and push up are not a problem.

does anyone have any advise on the best way to get my run to 13mins. i tried it the other day for the first time and it took me half an hour! rubbish i know! :eek:

i go to hand my paperwork in on thursday and i have been told it will only be a few weeks for my BARB test. then a few more for my fitness.

i really want to do this and dont want to waste time messing around because my run isnt quick enough.

any ideas would be great.

i told you i was rubbish! my gym want me to do a rum 45sec walk 45sec on the tread mill to build my fitness but i have been told not to use it as road running is so different.

i know i cant get it down but just after the best way of doing it
doesn't take einstein to figure out thats a 3 mile an hour pace, a brisk walk would get you to that speed.

I think you have some work to do, good for you that your partner excercises

(mind you, I'm well past it with my own fitness, people in glass houses...)
Without being patronising - practice makes perfect.

Suggest daily runs on the road (and yes it will hurt initially) gradually coming up to pace. Don't just do the distance in the time allowed, do longer and slower runs and build it up. The lungs will quickly come up to form and when you need to push on, you will have the reserve you need.

Now in a more leerish mode

i have fantastic upper body fitness
Oh yeah. Photos, dear, photos :D
Women in the Army?

Whatever next.

Tsk tsk.
Try it fellas, I'll kill ya...........
wpower1986 said:
also what kind of push ups do women have to do?
The ones where you use your arms? At selection you're expected to do a minimum of 21 in two minutes, keeping your elbows at your sides, your hands directly under your shoulders. You have to go right down to the ground and back up again for it to count.
12 minutes for a man is still pretty rubbish.

Go out running, start off doing 5k every other day, then gradually increase it. Set out courses and try and beat the previous time. You will see a profound transformation in your cardovascular fitness.
I have the opposite problem- my running is fine, but I can only do 2 mens push ups and 12 womans push ups until I need a break!! My upper body strength sucks!! I am confused to what type of push ups women are expected to do?
Im an RMP female in the TA, due to go to selection for regs on may 22nd. I am natrally a sprinter and cardio is much harder for me as I used to compete in sprinting, therefore I trained my body to react fast for a very short time!!

I have always passed my 1.5mile run eventhough I am crap! I used to do it in 11.05mins but I was 17 ha! I am now 23 and I do it in about 12.30, which is pants but I am a crap runner! I am the same as you where press ups and sit ups are easy to me. You are not expected to do press ups and sit ups at selection, just the run. You will also do a beep test-which Im woried about as I havent done one of those bad boys for at least 5 years!!

Your hubby doing run in 12 mins is not that great for a bloke, so dont let it put you off!!

I have been doig the training programme on the internet at www.armyfit.mod.uk. It is a very good programme with a variety of exercises for overall fitness. It got my PFT time down by 30secs in few weeks.

Remember...you will achieve and go further with a POSITIVE menta attitude, it sounds so cliche but mind over matter works every time!

Good luck mate and if you need any further correspondence give me a shout! :)

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