Woman tries to take live shell onto aircraft.

Cant see anywhere in the article where it says the shell was live?

Either way, still a bit daft to try and take it on board in the current climate.

(I'm suprised the Frogs on seeing the shell didn't chuck their hands up and surrender).

That's a bloody big cockle....
Can´t see what the fuss was about to be honest. Surely if she admitted to having it on boarding it could be stored somewhere safe.

If she had a 37mm gun with her then that would be a different story.

I mean FFS you can´t even take nail clippers on board!!! But I can still get up, kick the trolly dolly out of the way and open th edoor if I want!!!
Maybe she declared the thing....

"I have here a present for my hubby and I wonder if it would be OK to take it onto the plane"

And the frogs threw their arms up and started running round in circles.

Although whatever the truth she was more than a bit daft

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