Woman tries to steal baby? Or what?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Lesbian couple, surrogate mother and sperm donor in three-year legal battle over right to be child's parents | Mail Online

    I am at a complete loss on thiss one.

    From what i gather, an infertile couple used a sperm donor and a surrogate to have a baby.

    Then for some reason the sperm donors wifes piles in...

    I am really not sure why she wasn't told to wind her neck in, and branding the parents of the baby (admittedly not genetic/biological) 'selfish' is a bit rich.

    Can anyone make any sense of the situation as reported?
  2. Duh duh du duh duh duh der duh! Fear not for your lives for Daily Mail Man is here to save the day!
  3. Spare the rod, spoil the child. Words to live by.
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  4. Indeed.

  5. I really don't understand what is wrong with adoption. Having said that, I am not really very comfortable with same sex parents. It just does not seem very healthy for the child. I understand that assumes that the magical alternative is somehow a perfect childhood but I can't get over the prejudice.

    I shall now pop down the station and hand myself in to the PC PCs.
  6. It must be very difficult for a child growing up, other kids must give them right grief. They could get a dog and the pink pound would stay intact.
  7. Wife sounds like a prick. Claiming that she's 'gone through pain' because her fella's had a **** in a beaker?

    The case seems pretty straight forward - lesbian couple want child. Clearly they require a sperm donor as the relationship is diffy 2x testicles. Donor decides that the normal procedure isn't for him because he wants the receivers of his tadpoles to know him for some bizarre reason so contacts them and they decide on a private arrangement. Couple are both infertile so also require a donated egg (from a friend of their's who acted as the surrogate mother) to make an ickle babby.

    Baby is born, couple attempt to adopt baby (as per usual procedure) but are turned down for some unknown reason by the local authority. Surrogate mother then changes her surname to that of one of the couple and this new information is added to the birth certificate.

    Wife of duty ****** then bizarrely 'breaks down' at a dinner party and feels the need to tell everyone that her husband masturbates into medical equipment. Lawyer friend tells them that the kid could be taken into care and they then appear to have attempted to legally adopt the child themselves. They were fucked off and then changed their will (a strange detail that the Heil felt relevant) so that new baby won't get anything - why they'd have included a child that was never their's in the will in the first place is beyond me.

    So basically the wife's a **** and the husband probably wanks in beakers because he's so spineless that it's the only time he ever gets to see porn (and on the subject I can thoroughly recommend Coventry hospital's fine collection of grot as well as the redhead who works behind the counter collecting your little cup full of jittler).
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  8. The business of children of sperm (and egg not sure about that bit) donors being legally entitled to know the id of their biological parents is what makes the whole system fall to bits.

    In 18 years time the child of these two lesbians will have the right to know who its dad was and I would not be in the least bit suprised if there won't be at least one group of pro-somethingists that would agitate to make sure the child had a right to inherit from the father.

    Unintended consequences once again.
  9. I bet the "beaker ******" would have been fine providing sperm to a lesbian couple so they could have a baby...how many times could he have dropped "I got a lesbian couple pregnant" into any conversation? But then they went and used a surrogate so it spoilt it all.. His wife sounds like an attention seeking grief whore..perhaps she is related to the hillsborough victims in someway?