Woman to bring action against the Police.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Monty417, Oct 30, 2010.

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  1. "think out of control",if they are supposed to be working FOR the PAYMASTER they depend on(US) why behave in some cases WORSE than criminals,eg,one stabbed man in shock and confused beaten up by 2 PC's and 1 WPC!!,and all filmed on CCTV!!!!!!!!!,responses off human beings please!!,so no pc plods.
  2. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Yes absolutely shocking lets hope justice is served and they all lose there jobs and Ms Rutter who was completely in the right and had done nothing wrong gets loads of cash and never has to cut another barnet in her life.
  3. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry 263A I posted before id read your post forbidding me to answer. Ill Plod off.
  4. no panic bud,no panic
  5. Why? it's a free country, sometimes.

    Assuming you are speaking with a tongue in cheek, I would ask, just out of curiosity, that if she does bring action and wins, will you still have the opinion that your colleagues handled the matter correctly?
  6. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    No not really. I dont really have an opinion on their actions yet. I am far from an apologist for my chosen second profession I have seen too many inexplicable actions. Dont get me wrong though i love my job but I despair at the courts and the decisions they make, all too often it can be a pantomine with downright lies being accepted and absolute truths being ignored.It is often down to which well paid solicitor argues his case the best on either side.
    I view most of these type of incidents with a hearty cynicism.The vidio is what it is,but despite what many people may think custody is a very controlled enviroment with strict rules (Police and Criminal Evidence act 1984 code C) and woe betide any Custody Sgt who ignores them. The CCTV is ever present in Custody suites and all(well most,i accept that) staff act with that in mind.Why was she stripped? There could be many reasons non are explained in the article but this is not done lightly in the presence of male officers so who knows.
    The case went to Court so the CPS must have thought there was a case to answer by her,this was dismissed and now her case rests on that same evidence so we will have to wait and see if others agree.It will be interesting to say the least.
  7. Thanks Jingo. Those were mainly my thoughts too, especially re the custody and the stripping. For officers to behave like that, especially on camera and if under personal supervision by the Custody Sgt, there had to be a mega reason..or surely they were out of control.

    You are right, it certainly will be interesting one way or the other.
  8. It is not often the case, but always the case. In court cases the truth plays a secondany role to the arguments of the defence and the prosecution. He who has the best lawyer wins.
  9. No, not always.

    Evidence or lack of it does have some part to play. Although perhaps not as much as it should...
  10. ''The absence of evidence is no evidence of absence' (Stuart Kind - Senior Forensic Scientist, Forensic Science Service)
  11. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    (writes in back of pocket notebook to use at later date)
  12. I don't think the police just decided to strip here (or am I in the wrong job!)....

    I suspect she went a little crazy and it became necessary for 4 coppers to do whatever they did. Knowing some crazy women in my time I have a lot of sympathy for the coppers....
  13. I can remember once driving around the corner to see my sergeant, a very sensible bloke, leaning into the back of the police van and seeming pulling at something. As I got closer I saw him give one last mighty pull and end up holding a bra above his head. "Fook me, he's got some sort of sick game playing out in the back of there" until I realised that he was trying to stop her from strangling herself with it.

    On a serious note. I can't believe that 4 officers would risk their jobs/pensions/mortgages etc just to see some hairdresser bollocky bill. Maybe we should take the keys out of the bus and wait to find out what really happened. Though I imagine if their actions are deemed legit it won't make the news.

    As for the fat scouser, see my comments on the other plod thread (something about 3 of them locking up a traffic plod) about that one.
  14. The police are able to remove clothing in certain circumstances. As the last post states if it is to remove suicide risks, potential damage etc but yes there are rules and regs governing it. I had to restrain a female in custody whilst two female officers removed her clothing as there were no other officers available. She was extremely violent, spitting, biting, kicking etc and this is once CS had been utilised (she was in for a serious assault).

    If left with her clothing I have no doubt that she would have caused serious harm, however any stripped prisoner is provided with alternative clothing that cannot be used to self harm.

    It would not have been my choice to be present however there was no other option available to the custody sergeant and the whole process was documented accordingly. Yes there are bad eggs in the plod, but often there are justifiable reasons for actions carried out, it's just that the media do not listen to those. Wait out for outcome...

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