Woman soldier not allowed into men-only services social club

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mintymcginty, Nov 15, 2009.

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  1. ...and? It's a men only bar.
  2. Nothing new, it's been going on for years.
  3. Minty not after a new story, id have thought this was more for the Sun than you :)
  4. Does the Sex Discrimination Act apply in Scotland?
  5. Maybe it's because she was RMP - SIB :wink:
  6. Scarletto,
    I didn't write it. I posted it because I think it is utterly bizarre that you can be in the forces but not get a drink in a certain section of a club for serving and ex-service personnel, but people with no link to the services can get in, as long as they have got a willie.
  7. Does this mean I can now go to women only fitness sessions? :)
  8. I think it was most probably because she is SIB RMP rather than because she is a woman - who would want to drink with the Feds?
  9. It's archaic crap, harking back to the days when people thought what men talked about was too much for sensitive feminine ears. We might hear someone swear or talk about how their dick's gone green or something.
  10. How is it a
    if over 10% of the Services are barred from a part of it, yet those who have not been in the Services are?
  11. That's nothing, I was banned from the women only session at my local swimming pool.
  12. No no, it only works one way. Women are allowed into any all male domain (except the one reported here) yet us males are not allowed in any all women domains. Its called women's rights you know.
  13. Beat me to it; there are women-only gyms. If a male soldier complained about not being allowed to join one, how much sympathy do you think he'd get from the papers(or ARRSE for that matter)?

    I have no major issues with Equal Rights as long as it works both ways, ladies. :roll:
  14. Should have had a hissy fit, stamped your foot and called the papers.