Woman questioned on new photos claim

Shes adamant she isn't going to talk to anyone after accusing soldiers of abusing prisoners because she has "seen pictures". Why bother saying anything on television then? Was this an anti-war person trying to make a political or anti-war point?

The BBC should also hang its head in shame. Allowing someone to make such a damaging comment as this without being prepared to investigate or telling people this was an unproved comment beggars belief. But squddies are an easy target arn't they?
I think the phrase "Put up or shut up" is appropriate in this case. If she makes an accusation and can't provide any evidence to back it up, she should shut up, unless she decides to appologise and withdraw her comment.
I imagine this twat is of the same type as the medic from the London Irish, an attention seeker. If she has such a problem with alleged torture why is she not assisting the RMP/Civ pol?

Firehorse said:
Surely this is slander, unless she can actually back up her allegations?
Unfortunately, unless you know the photograph she referred to are yours, you can't sue. To win the case, you would have to prove the photo was yours.

Rock :arrow: Photo owner :arrow: Hard place

I was watching 'Question Time'.

It was with wide mouthed disbelief I watched this daft cow make her extraordinary allegations/claims/anecdote/bullsheet*.

I couldn't believe that the programme makers gave her so much air-time, and that the editors didn't cut it until some form of investigation had been carried out, especially so given what's going on in Osnabruck, despite the Poodle of Darkness's bizarre press conference all trussed up in ginger tweeds basically condemning the poor half witted fusiliers to a sentence of guilt - which gutless brown-nosing arrse-creeping member of the Court Martial is going to disagree with his High & Mightiness now that he's made his feelings known....I digress. March in the guilty b@stards....

I once attended an edition of the programme, the programme was quite different to what we later saw on the video at home. Filming started at about 1800hrs, and in the mean time the editors had been busy.

And what of her - methinks she's seen the error of her ways, but can't undo what she's done.

*delete as applicable
Now this is ONE case where I'd like to see the media IN FORCE camping out on her doorstep to get interviews/investigate/get photos - maybe it would entice others to stop making allegations unless there is some foundation to it all...
In an ideal world Fulwit, but the press have got their story out of this one and theres no news in proving there was no news, and even less in scaring potential 'stories' from opening their mouths just because their version of the truth isn't real.

I don't think even debating the subject on arrse would get the professional trolls from the press interested.


Surely if there is doubt about her story, then there should be an investigation into it. Isn't that what happened with that TA fckuwit and the Daily Mirror? The truth was outed then and the subject was very similar.....British Soldiers allegedly abusing prisoners?

I didn't see the programme, but aren't the producers as responsible as the Editor of the Daily Mirror was?

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