Woman pushed onto Rail tracks

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FARMBOY, Aug 6, 2008.

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  1. last time she tells me to put my fag out. Bitch.
  2. I was 40 minutes late this morning due to this woman
  3. Beat me to it!
  4. Problem is the staff do not enforce the ban either - telling people off is an action to be listed under "too hard"

    What sort of Scum push people onto a busy railway track?

    Agree with Mr Deputy though, unmanned stations are a gathering point for pond life.
  5. It appears that the outrage wagon has begun to turn against the victim. hmmm intriguing.
  6. and Arby and me in our trench coats :)
  7. its not necessarily illegal to smoke on a railway platform. Its only illegal if there is a sign within a reasonable distance of the smoker.

    No sign = smoke merrily away...
  8. Cottaging with Arby no doubt :D
  9. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    I heard she was a couple of inches away from getting fried. Shame no bystander (look away brigade members all of them, no doubt) jumped in and sent the hoodies after her to help her up.

    Surely this is the kind of thing the BTP private plods are supposed to be around for? Having said that, they probably all got sacked and have been replace by a bunch of BTP PCSO hand wringer biffs.
  10. Due to an attempt to kill her. Really sorry if you were in any way inconvenienced.
  11. If they were a few years younger this could add to the rising climate of the moral panic on young people, and the media could especially link it to binge drinking and knife crime somehow.

  12. only if i aint standing in front of you :wink:
  13. Wel, I was. Like I say, 40 minutes late.
  14. Oofyah!! That's pretty bad :(

    I have to say though, that news reporter Claudia is a bit of all right :D