Woman police officer given the full benefit

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jan 16, 2013.

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  1. Whoopdeefuckingdoo.
  2. Is Ipswich near Kent?Was she bom in Kent? Does she has family in Kent? Has she been to Kent on holiday?
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  3. What does ATOS have to do with housing benefit?
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  4. She once wrote something that contained the letters K E N T, but not necessarily in that order.
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  5. This news just in.

    Stupid twat with a massive chip on his shoulder about Kent constabulary has still not managed to commit suicide. I blame the police for not persecuting him enough.
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  6. I live for the day when Kent Police announce the discovery of a stocking clad middle aged man with severe psychological issues choked to death by a pair of soiled undergarments belonging to a WPC from Maidstone and with a satsuma inserted in his rectum.
    On being asked if they have any suspects they'll reply "It's only bouncybanana, we don't give a shit, he was a twat"

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  7. Tenko? That was in the East too. I think you've found the link. If only we could see her nips.
  8. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    D'ya know, I think our old mate Bouncebanana and his alliterative previous incarnations just posts something just slightly odd and then sits back laughing whilst us daft buggers rip the piss out of him.

    Some form of masochism?
  9. Now youre being provocative:)
  10. Hey, don't be too hard on BB, he had Jim Shortt in his sights well before anyone on here did.
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  11. I taught every single Kent Constabulary bobby what they know today. Its down to me that theyre the best Officers to hold the Office of Constable
  12. The problem was that his turgid and incoherent style of telling this to the world, ensured that nobody noticed.
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  13. It was def Kent police who did the horse meat. They've even got a white horse badge on their helmet and plod cars.

    What do you call a female police officer with a shaved minge?


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  14. Do they have pies in Ipswich?