Woman phones DELL for help with her nude photos then they turn up on the net!



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She sounds as thick as mince
Yes, but what a dancer!


Yes, but what a dancer!
Yeah crap! She kept her clothes on for the whole 3 minutes!! She must have inhaled a herculean amount drugs for that robotic like performance. Just to clarify if she'd got her kit off that would have been a major plus.
Tara Fitzgerald of Sacramento was having trouble finding the nude photos she'd taken for her boyfriend, so she called DELL for help. Shortly after her call her photos turned up on the net, wasn't that a surprise?

Woman's naked pics exposed after Dell TS Call - HotHardware

Apart from being just a tad stupid/naive she's also an amazing dancer. Watch and be speechless as I was:

shakira & tarita Video by taracita - MySpace Video
Poor lass, not only does she get her phots knocked off but she's clearly epileptic as well.
A bit spastic, but hey, hold her still, throw one up her, turn the music on and let her go. Should work out quite well, just try and keep in step.
What a fucking thick mong. People will do anything for attention. "It makes you feel like an idiot". You ARE a fucking idiot, a true darwin awards candidate.
Yes, but what a dancer!............................ I wuz bored out of me mind..... I was expecting the dame to get her top off and her kit off.... how boring....
Read the story, and she is obviously thick as two short planks, and really doesn't deserve the sympathy.

Since when do you buy laptops and send them to random addresses in India for the sake of some nude photos?
Not that I have been trying for large chunks of today to get them or anything.

No, not at all.

Compared with her, I'm Fred Astaire!
Always wondered what Peter Crouch did in the off season

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