Woman Officer passes UKSF Selection?

I have just finished reading 'The British Officer' by Antony Clayton, who was a senior lecturer at Sandhurst (also a Lt Colonel in the TA).

On page 245 it states that:

"in 2003 a women officer successfully completed the extremely testing Special Forces selection course, the first women to do so"

Is this correct??

At first I thought he might have mistaken Capt. Tattersall (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/2017213.stm) as the women officer.

But surely as a senior lecturer at RMAS, he would know the AACC is no where nearly as challenging as the UKSF selection!
Yea i remember a blonde bint passing the hill phase in stages as a trial of sorts, she was deemed unsuitable, and she did the whole meeting McNab in a busy london park wearing huge black shades and a shawl type of thing afterwards.

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