Woman of NINE kids can't cope apparently

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by re-stilly, Sep 14, 2011.

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  1. A woman in Brum who has learning difficulties has 9 kids and can't cope, surely this must warrant as a case for state sponsored sterilisation. We are paying for this for fucks sake.

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  2. If she spent less time on her back she might have more hope in reigning the little bastards in.
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  3. They say there's no 'Silver Bullet' solutions to problems like this. Captive bolt pistols don't need them. :)
  4. thats the sort of thing Social Services and workers should be doing doesn't need extra provision or a degree just some life experience and enough time to with tact and time GET IN A MONGS FACE AND GET THEM TO SORT THEIR FUCKING LIFE OUT.
    its pointless have such a mong attend meeting after meeting writing care plans and targets when the poor sod hasn't a scoobie. but then paying workers to put long hours doesn't look good on the balance sheet.
    still damm sight cheaper than 9 foster places or 9 kiddy jail places.:(
    that Austrian fellow with the comedy facial hair took it way way to fair so state sterilization is never going to be an option.
  5. Seconded. Fucking Nazis took some good ideas and ruined them for the rest of us. Bastards.:ncool:
  6. In another news story
    Sounds like a bloody good idea to me.
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  7. Bollocks. Full benefits for the first child only. If you want to keep making mistakes, pay your own fucking way.:-x
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  8. They recently moved them to a new house due to problems with their old neighbourhood. The house is apparently now a pigsty.

    Might I suggest a real pigsty for the next move!
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  9. Rather harsh on the pigs, old boy.

    A mass grave would cheaper, cleaner and a lot more fun...:twisted:
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  10. I dunno! A local pig farmer went missing when I was a kid, all they found was his belt buckle and two amalgam fillings..........in the pig shit.
  11. No benefits for kids, if you rely on the benefits you can't afford to have the kid. All that needs to be done is for the Gov't to say that in 1 years time Child Benefits will be stopped.
  12. On a point of order on the article, doesn't the "Birmingham woman" bit preclude the "learning difficulty" bit?

    I mean brummis are fucking thick by definition......
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  13. Are you sure they moved her to a house and not a big shoe.

    I'd say that after nine kids she can cope with most things. Table legs, watermelons, small cars......
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  14. Fair point well presented...was'nt there a scene in one of the Hannibal movies where Tony Hopkins was kidnapped so he could be fed to pigs while still alive?
  15. She should have thought of the expenses and care needed to raise 9 children before she opened her legs and had her Vagina lips suck on someones magic stick.

    Bring back the Gulags, I am sure 9 children can carry rocks.