Woman of my dreams single again!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bushmills, Jun 20, 2012.

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  1. *clicks link* Yuk! Head like a Phantom ring. You can have my go mate, she's all yours.
  2. Mark, I keep telling ya', gotta get out more mate! Your libido is starting to go :=)

    La Paradis does not have a head like a robber's dog.

  3. Hopefully she gives head like a robbers dog.
  4. I thought you meant Mrs Mubarak you sick puppy you:

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  5. Even the desperados of Darwin wouldn't stoop so low.
  6. When you look at Vanessa Paradis:


    .......with her strange shaped bulbous cock munching gallic swede, you may be forgiven for assuming that her dad was :


    the Mekon!
  7. I'm in a quandry here. Although smashable, she is French and has a gap between her teeth you could put a shoe in. I mean, i would have a go given the chance, but there is the risk that her armpits are hairy and that she stinks of Galouise smoke and dried up Johnny Depp jitler.
  8. I'm sure she's gutted to hear that.
  9. Due to the French aversion to soap the Gall's-arse smoke is a practical solution to keeping the flys away from the rancid month old garlic tainted fanny batter, sorry I meant fanny oeufs et farine.
  10. She may well be. I doubt it though.
  11. On the plus side of all that, Mr Depp is now a free man.....
  12. But you're still a whining cunt.
  13. What he said. Be like rooting a praying mantis.