Woman mauled by knut..


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Bad drills on the thread title; "Woman mauled by knut" would have be a far better, if inaccurate, option.
Notice that nobody gives a toss about the bear's experience. One minute minding your own business, next minute some fat blart is in your space.

All these tw*ts on Channel Five tormenting bears for 10 years before one of them gives them the good news. Very tolerant creature the bear.

I'm going to try to introduce the term "ursine" into my descriptions of people to mean, "Tolerant, but not to be f*cked with just the same".
"fuk it im going to kill myself by jumping into this pit of bears ....... arrghh, ive changed my mind help!"

or as she would have thought it ... "fuk es im, der dabei ist, zu töten, in diese Grube von Bären ....... arrghh springend, änderte ive meine Meinungshilfe!"
Biped said:
jarrod248 said:
I can bearly believe it.
Oh christ - Jarrods polarising the thread!
I've got two taxis waiting outside!!!

Seriously though, who gives a fcuk about the mad bat. She should think herself lucky there wasn't a cub and a mum inthere.... the mad bint might have found out what her intestines looked like.

Let's hope no fcuktard decides to off the bear who was doing nothing more than defending their area that this daft bint decided to jump in to.

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