Woman killed soldier boyfriend after he came home drunk and held a knife to her son

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Closet_Jibber, Nov 30, 2011.

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  1. Very sad all round!
  2. Very sad indeed. But at the same time it looks like a lot of common sense and compassion has been displayed by all parties concerned
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  3. Stupid twat deserved to snuff it .... taken out by a weedy skank like that. What's the People's Cavalry coming to?
  4. PTSD may have had nothing to do with it, the guy was just shitfaced it would seem, we have all done it, come home and had a huge row with the missus, this one just got out of hand by the sound of things.
  5. No! No, No, No. Emperor Mong get thee behind me. I will NOT post it.
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  6. Are you on crack? 'We have all done it'? 'It got out hand'? The man held a knife to a 2 year old child.

    What's surprising and promising to see is that they didn't even bring charges against her. I wonder if he had been a jobless criminal immigrant or a muslim whether they would have let her off immediately without a trial?
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  7. She wasn't 'let off' because it was found that no charges were warranted, ie it was determined she acted lawfully. But there was no 'trial', that is the report of an inquest into the death, which is different entirely. I think it is you that needs to lay off the stimulants.
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  8. Nice to see accurate reporting again 1st Bn RTR!
  9. He turned off the lights at the fuse box downstairs, held a knife to their 2 year old son and near enough strangled her.

    I've done some daft things while drunk, but I doubt PTSD or alcohol can explain/excuse that behaviour.
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  10. Fair enough, if someone holds a knife to my kids throat i know i would do the exact same thing whether the person was a squaddie or the pope it wouldn`t matter.
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  11. even though it was bad what happened he shouldn`t of died it was a tragic loss of life.
  12. Given the same circumstances, I imagine 'they' would.
  13. Yep, pretty sad all round really.
  14. If you read the comments below the article...all is not quite as it appears...and Ray of Derby is on the case. Stand by for developments.
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