Woman Jailed For Microwaving Kitten

Woman jailed for microwaving kitten | The Sun |News

Always pisses me off when people do such pointless and cruel acts to defencless animals,

Glad this rat faced mong got sent to jail, although I'd rather stick her in an oven and and then fuck her up the arrse ( just for the crack), no pun intended, before stabbing her with a bayonet up somewhere else.

Hope social services evacuate her 3 kids to the moon, as she clearly is no fine example of a mother.
nothing new, Hale and Pace did it years ago
Couldn't we develop a sort of microwave in which she would be forced to insert her limbs... thus allowing us to not kill her but still inflict some measure of suffering as experienced by the cat?

We could put it on the tele during x-factor for the rest of the inbred mongs to watch and learn from.
this story really really fucked me off, not just because the vet said the animal had died in agony, due to the way it had curled up it's feet. but the fucktard did because she was annoyed at the owner because they had an arguement about a bit of gossip going round. I hope she gets rusty barbed wire shoved up her clunge inside.
Itll work out fine,
she get a lawyer at our expense, claim against human rights, it being xmas and all, and her kids missing their mum,
will get released in a week after a overturning of the decision by a court of Law for being to harsh (your expense)
Will then claim post traumatic stress for being seperated from her kids, ( my expense)
Will then claim DLA and mobility for the rest of her natural.

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