Woman hides $5000 in her rectum

Tennessee woman hospitalized after hiding $5,000 in her rectum

Hawkins County, Tennessee (New York Daily News) - Christie Black, 43, was ‘bleeding severely’ following her attempt to remove the wad of stolen money with a toilet brush and tongs, according to a Hawkins County Sheriff's Office report.

A Tennessee woman had to be taken to the hospital Tuesday after she allegedly stole $5,000 from her boyfriend and stored the cash in an unusual hiding spot.

According to a police report, Bobby Gulley was under the suspicion that his girlfriend, 43-year-old Christie Black of Bulls Gap, was stealing from him. He told police he "set a trap" for the woman by placing one envelope with $4,000 in $100 bills and another with $1,000 in $100 bills in an old medicine bag along with undisclosed amounts of drugs including morphine and oxycodone.

Gulley then left the bag on the foosball table and went to bed.

When he woke up, he noticed that Black was still awake, and that the contents of the medicine bag were gone. He confronted the woman, who reportedly became ill and vomited up a plastic bag that contained partially-dissolved pills.

"He then asked her where the money was, and she admitted to him she'd wrapped it up and stuck it in her rectum," Hawkins County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Michael Allen stated in his report. "Black admitted (to Allen) to taking the money and medication because Mr. Gulley was going to kick her out and she needed money for a place to live."

Black attempted to remove the money from its hiding place with a toilet brush and tongs, but she was unsuccessful.

Allen said Black was "bleeding severely" and was taken to the Hawkins County (Memorial Hospital) emergency room.

"There, the wad of money was removed and collected as evidence," Allen stated.

According to the Times News, a theft charge is pending and, as of Thursday, Black in fair condition at Holston Valley Medical Center.


As reported on the Jay Leno Show this evening, 'Black said it was painful but not as bad as dealing with a bank.'

Brings a new meaning to "filthy lucre." I'll bet the Evidence Room was really excited about this.
She should just be thankful it wasn't all in quarters

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Wow she was sitting on a fortune there.


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At times, I'm just glad we lost the colonies in 1776.
what a load of arse.
A toilet brush? A fucking toilet brush? JebusHchrist what a moron. I'm no expert but your ass is certainly smaller than a bog brush.

Only in America ...
.....and if her mother had been there she could have had the fusball (?) table as well......

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