Woman held in airport bomb hoax

Woman held in airport bomb hoax
BOSTON, Massachusetts (CNN) -- Massachusetts State Police arrested a 19-year-old MIT student Friday at Boston's Logan International Airport after receiving a report that a woman had what appeared to be a bomb strapped to her chest.

The woman arrested at the Boston airport was identified as Star Simpson, an MIT student,and a woman.

Authorities said the device proved to be fake.

Star Simpson, a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was charged with disorderly conduct and carrying a hoax device.

Simpson was arraigned later Friday in Boston Municipal Court. District Court Judge Paul Mahoney set bail at $750 and ordered her to return to court on October 29 for a pretrial hearing.

Authorities called to the scene saw a woman on a street outside the airport's Terminal C.

She was told to stop, raise her hands and make no movements, and she followed those directions, said Maj. Scott Pare, the airport commanding officer for the Massachusetts State Police.

"It's good that she responded," he said. "She's lucky she's in a jail cell rather than the morgue."

Pare said officers with automatic weapons had been called to the scene.

The woman described the fake device as "art" that she was proud of and wanted to display, Pare said. Video Watch police show the device »

Pare said the device the suspect was wearing was a small circuit board attached by wires to a battery that lit up a display. He said the woman also was holding Play-Doh.

An airport spokeswoman said the suspect walked up to one of the public information kiosks in Terminal C. A person behind the desk noticed the woman was wearing what she described as a circuit board with putty and wires attached to it. The information kiosk employee called police.

"I don't think she understood the seriousness until the public information employee called police," Pare said.

He said the woman told officers she had come to the airport to meet a Continental Airlines flight from Oakland, California.
Just don't wear it on the tube.
Are you sure its not a relation of Ronaldo?

Well she is very lucky that the Septics didnt fill her with a couple of hundred bullet holes. Stupid fcukng cow she should be locked up as a potential terrorist and show her how stupid she was.
the_guru said:
Random_Task said:
[The woman arrested at the Boston airport was identified as Star Simpson, an MIT student,and a woman
A woman? Are we sure?
Not for certain,I added the 'and a woman' bit in myself ;)

As The_Iron pointed out,the bomb hoaxer bears more than a passing resemblance to Ronaldo.
Random_Task said:
ViroBono said:
Random_Task said:
As The_Iron pointed out,the bomb hoaxer bears more than a passing resemblance to Ronaldo.

Everyone's got to have something to do with their Saturday afternoons,eh ViroBono ;)
This Ronaldo would probably scored more points for me in the ARRSE Premiership fantasy football league unlike the one I chose from Man U (still in minus figures from the CNUT after his sending off) :x
I lived in Cambridge for a good portion of my life and grew up in the MIT area. MIT has a tradition of very bright students who sometimes lack common sense. They also have a very long tradition of technical pranks many of which victimize Harvard at the other end of town. The pranks, in local slang, are called "hacks"
Last Sept 11th the students built a fire truck with working lights on the roof of the main building as a sort of tribute to fallen firefighters. Take a look at http://hacks.mit.edu/
it is well worth a look.

Star Simpson seems a bit troubled. Odd thing is she was bailed out by her boyfriend. She is 19 year old student and the BF is a 42 year old who is retired and had founded a software company. Nothing wrong with that but seems a bit odd.

Mass. State Police at airport carry MP5's. She is a very lucky girl as she did not end up in a cooler at the medical examiners office
With a hair cut like that she should be arrested by the fashion police!!!! :p

We'll have to see what comes out in the was on this one, is she a whack job? Or was she trying to see what would happen? Maybe a newspaper hack is now gutted his "girl walks around airport with bomb for hours" story is well and truely smited.

I am sure MIT will confirm whether what she was wearing was art, although I am sure an MIT student should be able to knock up a circuit board that lights up pretty quickly.
Shouold have slotted her-no messing. It might have stopped loads of other tossers from doing equally stupid things.
I'm willing to bet that the poor person in that information desk needed a change of underwear afterwards.
No, feck 'em. I'm totally hacked off with these people who think that it's a larf to pull stunts like that.

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