Woman has sex with dog

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by manxman, Sep 27, 2011.

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  1. A Canterbury woman is facing a maximum 16 month jail sentence... after having sex with a dog.

    Tracy Woolridge, 45, was arrested after police found illegal images at the home of a Canterbury man.

    Woolridge, of Downs Road, pleaded guilty to two charges of intercourse with an animal but initially denied sexual activity with a child.

    Her barrister Alex Rooke asked a judge at Canterbury Crown Court for a "Goodyear" indication as to the probably length of sentence for a guilty plea.

    Judge Adele Williams told her she faced a maximum of 16 months in jail for all three offences - and Woolridge then changed her plea to guilty for child sex activity.

    In the dock next to her was Gary Underhill, 35, of Duck Lane, Canterbury, who admitted 10 charges of possessing and taking more than 200 indecent images of children

    He also pleaded guilty to seven charges of possessing extremely pornographic images involving animals.

    Underhill also admitted three counts of aiding and abetting Woolridge to have sexual activity with a child and animals.

    The court heard that police found the illegal photographs and movie images at Underhill's home - which then led officers to raid Woolridge's home.

    The judge ordered psychiatric and probation reports prior to sentencing them in November.

    Both were remanded in custody.

    Perhaps she thought the dog was a Mastiff|
  2. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone, who are we to judge ..........without PICTURES OF THE BINT! Get the fucking pictures sorted man lets have a look at her mugshot so we can then make judgement!!!! Its Fucking SOPs you know! :)
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  3. I'll put a lot of money on this thing being really butt ugly. 16 Months for a nonce, see we're on post riot sentences now.
  4. It's made the Hungarian press.Got a picture of the lady and the dog as well.

    Kriminális B
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  5. More common than a lot of people would like to think. (No I fucking haven't) But I've seen it about to be carried out, I got shoved out of the pub before the "Action" could begin.
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  6. Fucking Neck.
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  7. IIech, you got kicked out of the pub for not getting the round in last time!! I have shagged some dogs in North Wales, they were from Colwyn Bay, feking horrible to boot!!
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  8. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    That sure is one purdy dawg!
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  9. Was that with 'Flossy' then?:nod::thumright:
  10. At least the dog has kept his anonimity.

    "Bend over Rover!"
  11. Better than a wank!

    What is this "Getting a round in" that you speak of? Colwyn Bay!!!!, did you catch Chlamidiya? And that's getting off lightly!
  12. I had more rubber on than jacque Coustou, I did get a dose in Doncaster....but so as everyone else!
  13. Poor bloody dog! I mean, firstly 'groomed' to have sex [I'm here all week!] and now, its been locked up!

  14. I wonder how they found out? Perhaps the dog put his paws up to it?
  15. Everyone knows flossy was a sheep.

    Honestly, the education of some is well below par.