Woman has sex with dog and baby.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Matty0001, May 2, 2009.

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  1. "Police call it one of the most shocking and disturbing crimes they’ve seen after a woman allegedly broadcast herself on a webcam having sex with her toddler child and her dog."


    So which one of you was holding the camera?
  2. Your dad. It makes your mum feel safer during filming.
  3. Bollocks. He's dead. :roll:
  4. Were you searching for porn involving a child and a dog when you found that article?
  5. It started off as Koreans, vegetables and horses. But i ended up clicking a load of links and ended up with that. :D
  6. Maybe she used him like a tripod?
  7. She sounds like a cheap date, take her round the zoo then wave a farleys rusk under her shnozzer and its party time ! :D
  8. Feck me did I twitch at the title of this thread, nearly sent me into sexual overdose, where's the piccies then I'm gagging to shoot muck!
  9. I once had sex with a woman who was a dog and she'd had a baby, as evident by her gaping clout and the smell of shitty nappies.
  10. If I were honest, I too have had sex with dogs who on reflection were in fact PIGS!! . . . . :wink:
  11. I know a bloke who used to take great delight in masturbating Golden Retrievers. He said they were 'bonny dogs' That'll explain it then!