Woman gets 75,000 bank statements

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Blogg, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. How!?
  2. Not surprised for two reasons.
    Firstly, the standard of literacy and numeracy of school leavers is now so poor that major organizations are having serious difficulties recruiting suitable staff.
    Secondly, the bank involved, an amalgamation of a superb bank and a very large, some would say too large, building society, has given me some concerns. Three of my wealthy (which I'm not!) friends have been highly satisfied customers of Bank of Scotland for years. They have all expressed some alarm at the deterioration of the bank's services since the amalgamation. Undertaking simple tasks on their behalf, entailing dealing with the bank, I too have noticed the changes.
    I used to be a Halifax customer but they were incapable of getting my surname right. Despite many, many requests they never did anything to address this problem. I pointed out that HSBC, John Lewis, Goldfish, even the Army and other organizations managed my surname, but Halifax simply shrugged. I closed my accounts and so did all other members of my family.
    What a shame such a fine bank had to find such a gormless bed-fellow.
  3. I suspect a whacking-great fine from the Data Protection johnnies is heading HBOS way ...

  4. I squared has it right on the money. Halifax were my bank and mortgage holder up until Dec when the level of service fell dramatically and even the returning of calls following a complaint were non existant!

    They still owe me over £500 after an 'administrative' error in closing my account. The matter is under investigation by some numpty.

    To all concerned.......bin them as your bank. They just don't care anymore.

  5. not dealt with the banl in question (perhaps thank god?) but for several years HSBC managed to send my credirt card statements via Iran.

    they would take about 4 months to arrive and would be decorated with lots of lovely stamps and be scrawled with Farsi - presumably from the central postoffice in Tehran telling HSBC that Birmingham has never been a part of the Islamic Republic, and would they mind buying a world atlas...

    it was all hugely amusing.
  6. The goes for Abbey since it was bought out by a Spanish bank.

    Saying that, they all now offer the same increasingly low levels of service, rob you blind through illegal charges and make mistakes and blame you for them.

    I will now use the Royal Bank of Hathcock, located in my mattress under my bed!
  7. I am an HSBC customer. They now have a branch in Belfast, but a visit requires a good deal of time, as it will invariably involve queueing for hours behind the world's supply of Chinese students with endless questions. For the ultimate in frustration, however, I can recommend their online banking - slow, buggy and frequently not working. Don't, whatever you do, call the helpline; they are as much use a colony of untrained gibbons.
  8. I'm not sure. I use HSBC Premier and they're spot on.
  9. Halifax also administered my branded credit card which I had had for years and ended up with a stratospheric limit. I decided to pay off the balance and close the account as I lived in fear of the Obergruppenfuhrer finding it. No problems, send off a gregory and tell them that was that.

    A month later, a statement comes through charging me £115.

    After a lovely wander through their automated call ignoring system, I eventually got through to a human... who tried to say that it was due to statement dates and the date I had paid off the balance. Cojones I retorted wittily, pointing out that I had asked for a settlement figure to close the account, and would she like to review her last statement considering the Consumer Credit Act?

    (Small voice) I'll have the charges refunded sir.
    Me - and close the account NOW?
    (Smaller voice) i've done that for you sir...
    (Very small voice) is there anything else I can help you with Sir?

    Having said that they were still better than the uber-mongs at Citicard...
  10. Ahhhhgggggg!!!

    Dont get on the 'call centre's' malakey!!!

    **** me, if I wanted to call fekkin India and give all my personal details to someone who cannot speak english but insists on saying thier name is Richard, I would do it in such a way where I'm not worried that all my details will shortly be shown on episode of Watchdog being sold by a call centre employee to an eastern bloc gentleman who wants to empty all my accounts!!!!

    Ahhhhghgggggg!!!!!! :pissedoff: :frustrated: :pissedoff:
  11. Banked with SMILE for the last 7 years. Moved from Lloyds TSB who were utter shysters.

    Wouldn't give me the time of day as a poor twenty something. Would have eaten my sh1t sugared when my earnings took off . On reflection maybe their totally disinterested attitude helped me in the long run, but it was a hard few years.

    SMILE on the other hand has been excellent particulalrly when I moved overseas. No fuss no bother. Transfers off shore work fine and they were happy to stop charging me tax on my savings at source.

    Like them a lot.
  12. In terms of call centres, BT's must take some beating.

    Last week my broadband connection suddenly stopped working. I went through all the various SOPs, and nothing happened, so I called Customer Services.

    Me: My broadband connection has gone down. I've tried resetting the Home Hub, and I've tried using a different router, but nothing works. I'm using Mac OSX.
    'Lisa': Which router are you using?
    Me: BT Home Hub
    Lisa: I want you to reset it by turning the power off.
    Me: I've already done that, and it didn't work.
    Lisa: It will mean that your phone will cut off, too, but you can call us back.
    Me: I've already reset the Hub, and it didn't work. I waited almost 20 minutes to speak to someone, so I'm not going to do it again.
    Lisa: OK. Are there any lights on on the hub?
    Me: Yes - wireless and broadband.
    Lisa: Is the phone light on?
    Me: No, just the two I mentioned.
    Lisa: Which version of Windows are you using?
    Me: As I said at the beginning, I have a Mac running OSX.
    Lisa: XP?
    Me: No. A Macintosh, running Mac OSX.
    Lisa: OK, go to Start, then click on...
    Me: I have a Mac. It doesn't have a Start menu.
    Lisa: You are using a Mac?
    Me: Yes. I've said so several times.
    Lisa: I can't deal with that. You need to speak to our Mac specialists. I'll put you through...

    10 minutes later and 'Josh' tells me that it must be a billing problem. He puts me through to Newcastle, who don't hold billing records for NI. They put me in touch with BT Billing in NI, who confirm that there is a) no problem with my bill and b) that this happens quite often just before the Indian shift ends. By this time, Customer Services is closed.

    The next morning I tried again, got straight through to Broadband Help in NI and the problem was resolved in 2 mins (they cut my broadband off instead of the one belonging to someone else in the mess who's posted.)

    Why the feck do call centres make things so difficult?